A question for Christians and a question for atheist...
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10-03-2013, 08:21 PM
RE: A question for Christians and a question for atheist...
(10-03-2013 10:51 AM)kellyrm Wrote:  
(27-02-2013 08:16 AM)DeathsNotoriousAngel Wrote:  Question for Christians:

Now we've all heard these miracle stories (not the biblical ones, testaments we hear from other people), and they're always something like... "I used to be homeless, spending my nights beating up old people and robbing liquor stores, then straining liquid crack through a piece of burnt toast behind the dumpster at McDonald's"... or ..."My friend had terminal brain cancer and she prayed really really hard, then she woke up the next day and poof it was gone (I'm guessing it starved to death).

My question is... has there ever been a claim or testament you've heard from a fellow Christian that you didn't believe? That you thought might be total BS made up for the point of getting attention?

Question for atheist:

I'm sure many of us, including myself have been told that we are damned to spend an eternity in the suffering of the Christian Hell. So my question to you is...

How do you typically respond to this?

I myself tend to laugh. I mean the idea is as absurd as someone telling me that if I get out of bed, the boogie monster will get me. If I'm feeling particularly dickish that day, I might also add in something like "Good, I'll gladly take Hell over an eternity with Christians."
I had a friend once who told a fellow Christian friend of ours that she would ask for forgiveness when she started to see the light. It's that easy, right? I've been told many times that I'm going to hell and I never know how to respond. I try to respect their beliefs, but it's very difficult when they're shoving it down your throat.
You don't have to respect their beliefs, especially if it's a prejudice based authoritarian belief system, just their right to have beliefs...

Obama promised you change. Reach in your pocket, feel those coins? There's your change...
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