AI Learning To Make Other AI
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28-03-2017, 08:25 PM
RE: AI Learning To Make Other AI
(28-03-2017 08:21 PM)Jay Vogelsong Wrote:  
(28-03-2017 08:18 PM)GirlyMan Wrote:  Trump can't stop the tech train. Nobody can. It's advancing on its own.

Then a lot of people are going to get run over by the tech train.


There are sociologists and others who are concerned that we are not prepared for the societal and ethical implications of the results of this accelerating rate of technological advance and we are rapidly running out of time to prepare. We can debate the ethics of cloning all we want in the US, the South Koreans don't give a shit. They're gonna keep advancing the state of the art in cloning.

There is but one truly serious philosophical problem. - Camus
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