Abortion, The Facts and False Hoods?
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13-02-2012, 10:27 PM
RE: Abortion, The Facts and False Hoods?
(11-02-2012 08:23 AM)Leela Wrote:  Just recently exactly this video came up in a small blabla with EgoR. For me being rational about it I got lines like "you sound like a Nazi" from him - though who gives a f***. If me being rational and logic about abortion and critical about videos like this makes me sound like a Nazi so be it, though I am very sure I do not sound like that.

This video is not fake BUT it is very misleading.
I like this part from wikipedia:
Quote:Many members of the medical community were critical of the film, describing it as misleading and deceptive. Richard Berkowitz, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, described the film as "factually misleading and unfair". John Hobbins of the Yale School of Medicine called the film's use of special effects deceptive, a form of "technical flimflam." He pointed out that the film of the ultrasound is initially run at slow speed, but that it is sped up when surgical instruments are introduced to give the impression that "the fetus is thrashing about in alarm." Hobbins questioned the titular "scream", noting that "the fetus spends lots of time with its mouth open", that the "scream" may have been a yawn, and also that "mouth" identified on the blurry ultrasound in the film may in fact have been the space between the fetal chin and chest.

Fetal development experts argued that, contrary to Nathanson's assertion in the film, a fetus cannot perceive danger or make purposeful movements. David Bodian, a neurobiologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, stated that doctors had no evidence that a twelve-week-old fetus could feel pain, but noted the possibility of a reflex movement by a fetus in response to external stimuli such as surgical instruments. The size of the ultrasound image and of the fetus model used was also misleading, appearing to show a fetus the size of a full-term baby, while in actuality a twelve-week-old fetus is under two inches long.

Making things look larger, misleading you by showing what's done on a fully formed fetus, speeding up and slowing down the footage for the effects > Not ok!
Either you show it for real and no tricks and no misinterpretations or you don't show it at all, but this video is not worth anything.

@k thanks for sharing!!

I have a strong opinion that if I know that my child will have huge birth defects, or there are other reasons, an abortion should be possible. And actually not being ready is an acceptable reason for me. Women have stopped pregnancies for centuries but all of a sudden it's a big issue...

The only thing that should be and I hope is forbidden, other people making the decision for the mother/parents. My grandfather forced my mother to abort her first pregnancy when she did not want to do that, but there was no other way or she would have been on the street (she was 17). She told me that it was a really bad experience for her. When my grandfather heard (a few years later) that I was on the way he told my mother "ok, I will pay you one more but that's it then"... well luckily she didn't take that great offer, eh. ... this makes me so angry everytime I think about it!! How dare he!?

Wow this is an awesome answer to my question, thanks for this post. But keep this topic alive, I hope that it will answer someone else's questions about abortion and stuff. Keep up the great work. Smile
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