Adventurers on Track.
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09-12-2011, 03:52 PM (This post was last modified: 09-12-2011 03:59 PM by Mr Woof.)
Adventurers on Track.
If one chooses to adhere to Judaeo/Christianity then arguably the Seventh Day Adventists are following the preferred path.

As a Jewish teacher and alleged saviour Jesus kept the Saturday Sabbath and claimed to have come to enhance the teachings of Jehovah, who had made Saturday the sacred day of rest and reflection. The fact that he allegedly broke bread on a Sunday with his disciples and rose from the dead on that day is scripturally irrelevant.

Prior to Contantine's adoption of Christianity as the official religion there were many dissidents (later to become heretics) some of whom claimed that Jehovah god was inferior to the top god. Marcion would have scrapped the Old Testament altogether.

If we are to accept the link between old and new testaments the Seventh Day Adventists appear "right" in at least some respects.
As indicated they are right about the Saturday Sabbath, utilize the old eating laws (quite healthy) retain Mose's ten commandments and make efforts to make sense of the prophets, in particular Daniel. They also showed a streak of modernity by giving a woman (Ellen G. White) almost prophet status. Adventists teach soul sleep, not continuous torture for the wicked and do not postulate that only a select elite have been preordaned for salvation.

While I see the Bible as myth, metaphor, history, and even insights of limited value I would suggest that any aspiring Christian could do much worse than consider becoming an Adventurer. As scripture tells us beware of wolves wearing sheeps clothing, especially trolling wolves.
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