Advice Needed: To run screaming for industry
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02-12-2012, 01:18 PM
RE: Advice Needed: To run screaming for industry
Get a Government research job. That way you have a say in a wide variety of what programs get funded and you can still collaborate on specific research projects (at least in the USA via Collaborative Research Agreements, not sure about the EC). It's better to be on the funding side than the fundee side, from what I've seen in my 27 years of experience at least (more influence, less stress). Maybe you could fund Moses to make it as easy to use as Joshua. Wink

One other problem I see with a machine translation job in industry is that the commercial products do not perform nearly as well as the Open Source products. Language Weaver, for example, costs like $250,000 a seat and does not perform nearly as well on a 45,000 English-Dari parallel corpus (with another 1000 for tuning) as Joshua. Language Weaver out of the box got a BLEU score of 0.06, and with a shitload of tweaking we got it up to 0.14. Joshua out of the box took less than an hour to configure and run on the same corpus and came in with a BLEU score of 0.28. If you can't do as well as the Open Source community, I don't see much commercial viability.

Good Luck, Smooshie!

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