Advice about response to email from father
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16-03-2015, 05:20 PM
RE: Advice about response to email from father

Here, if you haven't settled it with him yet. Give him this from me!

Believing in something-whether that be a god, idea, or any other non physical thing that we cannot hear,see,smell,touch,or taste, and having no reason or evidence for it is called faith. That is why it is called faith when you believe in Allah, Amaterasu, Baron Samedi, Yhwh, Jesus, Zeuz, or thor, FAITH. There is no evidence for any of these existing regardless of what arguments you, a priest, a pastor, the pope, a rabbi, or any human being has ever, has now, nor will ever exist be able to provide. It does NOT take FAITH to NOT believe in something. Not believing in something is the neutral state of any claims, statements, or ideas. If someone were to tell you that they have a real life literal physical living breathing leprechaun in their basement, you would most likely not believe them. You would be an A-Leprechaunist. You do not believe in leprechauns. Therefore, the neutral state in your belief to that statement is not believing them.

We as Atheists do not believe in "any" deity of any kind. There is zero evidence for it. Saying that we are a part of a "faith" group or it takes "faith" to NOT believe in something like that is the very same as us telling you that you have a lot of faith for not believing that Santa Claus is real, or that the Sun Goddess Amaterasu does not exist. It is an incredibly bad argument and you need to please stop with it because it makes anyone who uses that look foolish and no one wants to look foolish. - Shadow Fox

My Youtube channel if anyone is interested.
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