Advice on explaining you're gay to Christian Grandparents.
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02-12-2011, 08:54 PM
RE: Advice on explaining you're gay to Christian Grandparents.
(02-12-2011 08:49 PM)itsFerdinand Wrote:  You strike a fair point, but I don't ever see them asking, because currently they clearly think beyond the fact. o:

and you're right, it's just a crisis beginning. But when I said loyal I meant it in term of no-secrets within the family, or something like that. I feel as if they probably do have secrets, because most all families are going to, but her parents aren't going to let this fall lightly, you know? My family on the other hand... kind of the same. But whenever it's drama related, or as "big" (even though it's actually not that big, or surprising of news, this day in time-- or, well, it shouldn't be), it gets around fast, and gets treated pretty largely. That's how I see cytb's situation with her parents. It can start shit, that's why they want the Grandparents aware.

You're the source close to the action while we're here speculating from the newsdesk; but that me and Chas agree on something is co-incidence perhaps not co-incidental. Is it Lin, now; or is it holiday salvo? Family does this second kind of crap, one or two members will start a controversy in a larger family organ to enhance the morality of their position - and it's craptastic all the way through.

living word
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05-12-2011, 08:47 AM
RE: Advice on explaining you're gay to Christian Grandparents.
Why it matters to others on who does what with whom is just beyond me.
If you’re safe and comfortable then all the best.

It may be a good idea to sit down with both your parents and tell them of your concerns on how your grandparents may react.
Keep it clam, cup of coffee for all and no distractions, TV etc off.
Don’t let them go down the road of “well it’s your fault”
There is no fault, you are who you are and that is final.

But, it sounds like, for what ever reason, your parents are going to push this regardless. Don’t not do it, but when the time comes make sure you have the support you will need from them.
If your grandparents go off the deep end, have an escape plan.
Don’t bolt out of the place, but put whom ever is their child, ether your mum or dad, in the firing line.
It’s a sneaky and underhanded thing to do.
And effective, as it takes the focus off you even for just a moment, and gives you a moment to breathe.

Run through the worst case scenarios, Miss Franz, you will need to help with this… Devils advocate time!
You are going to be drilled from both of your grandparents and they will take cues from one another.
You will have some fast thinking to do.
None of this will matter if they do kick you out of course, but their loss if they do.

Try and get at least one of your parents on-side though.
And eat! Stress takes energy and water so liquid and carbs.

Sorry to sound like you’re off to meet the Mongol Hordes, but plan for the worst and hope for the best.

I wish you all the best.

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything. Friedrich Nietzsche
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