Advise for surviving nicotine cold turkey
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08-09-2016, 04:11 PM
RE: Advise for surviving nicotine cold turkey
(06-09-2016 04:44 PM)Leela Wrote:  You'll get through it.
May I ask what your driving force is? Like why you decided to stop?
Because I am not sure why many need a big distraction. For me the idea of dieing from it (which I was at the time) was enough to be like, "ok fuck this shit, I am not touching those smokes again"
That was probably 4 years ago. Like sometimes I wish I could have a smoke to be honest. But all it needs for me is really to think of what I went through 4 years ago and I really don't want it anymore.

The motivation is important, but it's hard to say what will motivate a given person. My mother got lung cancer and had half a lung removed, but that didn't make me quit. The Wisconsin state government kept raising the cigarette tax until the damn things cost double and then triple what they used to be, and that didn't make me quit either. Then I got diabetes (type 2), and the doctors kept harping on me about how diabetes and smoking were a bad combination. So I finally made up my mind to quit, and did so on my first attempt. It was hard, but not nearly as hard as I had feared.

Now diabetes is no joke, but it's not nearly as scary as lung cancer. I really can't say why that got me to quit when my mother's lung cancer didn't -- maybe the fact that it was happening to me and not someone else. Anyway, my mother died from lung cancer about 4-1/2 years after I quit smoking, and since then, both of my brothers have also died from lung cancer, and my father from bladder cancer (which is also correlated with smoking) -- and the price of cigarettes is double again what it was when I quit (2003). I have never regretted quitting -- only that I didn't do so years earlier.
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