Agnostic dad loses custody of kids
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06-12-2010, 08:45 PM
RE: Agnostic dad loses custody of kids
Judge needs to lose his job for ignoring the constitution.
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10-12-2010, 10:06 AM
RE: Agnostic dad loses custody of kids
this it par for the course in family court or any court for that matter. the courts goal is not whats best for the kids nor whats best for the parents, their goal is to keep all parties embroiled in the system and keep their jobs self perpetuating while getting as much money from the 2 parties into the lawyers pockets. if we did have a truly fair system based on real common sense things like this would never happen, kids would spend equal time with both parents, there would be joint custody unless the other party could actually prove why there should not be. but instead they pit both parents against each other like pit bulls in Michael Vick's backyard.
there is no switch that gets turned on or of relating to "good or bad" dependant on your religious beliefs, you believed yesterday so yesterday you were good, but you don't believe today so today your bad, if you believe again tomorrow then you'll again be good?? that's nuts!!! i feel bad for his kids and all kids caught in the family court web of deceit.

hope he gets a good lawyer to back him, its clear public outrage and common sense have no effect on the family courts.
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