Agnosticism - a valid standpoint?
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15-04-2015, 08:42 AM
RE: Agnosticism - a valid standpoint?
(14-04-2015 04:46 PM)rezider Wrote:  After thoroughly reading everyone's replies I humbly withdraw from my position. If I say so myself, it was helpful. Thank you for clearing things out and I hope I haven't been a complete pain in the ass!

You get an incomplete, if that makes you feel better. Wink

Quote:I was just extremely curious to see as many arguments against the position as possible. It was never my intention to be so percistently ignorat towards the opposite claim - it was, as I said, curiosity that drove me.

And once again, I apologise for the strawmans! I didn't percieve them as such at the time.

We'll live.

Religion is proof that invisible men can obscure your vision.
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