Alabama Gov says "Non-Christians are not my brothers and sisters"
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20-01-2011, 12:37 PM
RE: Alabama Gov says "Non-Christians are not my brothers and sisters"
(20-01-2011 09:49 AM)AnthraxFan93 Wrote:  GK, I agree it goes both ways. Sadly IMO, that is a animal instinct we have not yet gotten past...
I agree. I know I'll not see the end of racism occur in during my lifetime. And it seems that it's embedded also in religious identity, so that if someone has issues with a religion that they think is predominantly occupied by a majority racial group (like Islam for instance) their cause to have the color of the person coincides with their disrespect for the faith the person holds.

I met someone online not long ago who in a manner of speaking, as I can't remember verbatim their post, thought Islam was inhabited by either Arabs or blacks. Perhaps he got his information through inference with all the coverage about Islam now in the news and wherein there are no, or hardly ever any to be seen, white people in the mix. Or perhaps he arrived at his opinion because there are church groups that render themselves as promoting a sanctuary labeled for exclusivity. (Black churches, black church support groups, southern Baptist organizations that make it clear in most cases that one should expect to see only whites in the pews, etc...)

I'd agree that racism is a hurdle to overcome and yet, when racism is practiced among racial groups toward their own people, it's hard to imagine it's as you say, anything that the human animal will evolve out of anytime soon.

Hubby is a member of private veterans club. One day he had to fill out an application for a gentleman, a non-member, who wanted to rent one of the halls for a private party.
One of the questions asked for what occasion the rental was requested. So hubby simply asked the man, who happened to be black and a alumnist of the local university; why are you renting the hall?
The man said, without missing a beat, it's the only way we can hope to keep the niggers out. Huh

Hubby said he about fell on the floor, because here was a black man saying that what would get a white mans ass beat in all likelihood, had the pair been in a different environment and the remark afforded in just the opposite manner.
There's an identity associated with the N word, that inhabits even the black community who identify a difference between those who are black and those who are N's.
But that insult, that tendency to identify someone as what amounts to colored (meaning any race) trash and thereby associates a slur to denote their low status, is present within all races and is often employed by members of those as a verbal smack against one of their own. Which they don't see as such, because the words they use to insult them are intended to denote a lesser member.

People are odd.
And it's a bass ackwards world. Cool
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