Alignment Agenda
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15-10-2011, 03:15 PM
Alignment Agenda
I exist. Gwyneth Paltrow exists. The universe exists. That is tao
What is the problem of existence? I'm a singularity. Two gods exist in plurality.
I am atheist. There's one god down. There is no god greater than Gwyneth Paltrow in existence. What's left? The God of Duality. Where did that little creep come from?

My research indicates that there can be no new scripture until all old scripture is understood. I don't exist without Gwyneth Paltrow. She is my sweet everything, I am her eternal nothing - never met the girl, would like to keep it that way - so why am I here?

I'm an atheist with tao. tao te ching is truth from the title and the first line - and there is balance.

Yet all of sudden, I am a cause without an effect. Atheism seems to be a cause without an effect. I know what I got. Faith. In general, it seems like "the definitions" of atheism and "lack of belief" are consistent with the duality of "passive faith/belief." That stuff don't work, I agree.

Yet I am an atheist with identity. Absolutely intolerant. Tolerance is an engineering term. I do conceptual engineering. I practice tolerance. Right now I am working with the duality of the tao te ching, all the religious nonsense in the world compressed down to the 4 it came outta, I am 4, I love my Gwynnies!

I remember; you got that problem? I remember being told by science that the only purpose of the past was to create future. Like how "the problem" has never been addressed by "the identity," so all is 4 - same shit, different day - and science is turning into religious nonsense by a bunch of atheists without a cause.

Do you know how to use the scientific method? Do you Identify yourself as "scientific" as a function of integrity? I cannot be more than fringe. I have no accreditation. I have no reputation. I have no alignment with reality. There is nothing more to me than these words. There ain't nothing "passive" about my faith. I'm off to test this "faith" thing with another emergent technology, because I have faith in will.

I ordered my shit through conceptual engineering. I stopped using the verb "to believe." I rigorously monitor things like 4, and the use of the noun "faith;" and this curious structure has emerged in my mind:(death/now/future)
God continues to exist in your universe in this format:
Local problems emerge/global solutions emerge/power structure exists/god is emergence

Power structure? Like "I am" = YHWH, therefore atheism is cursed from origin?
Emergence? Like, Gwyneth Paltrow?
Absolute power? Like, absolutely incorruptable?

I don't exist here, that's all you. There is no future that is not a simulation. I am creating future from this simulation. For instance, I'm not a fucking troll, whatever the hell that is. I hate signatures. I hate people who spout religious nonsense like "read my signature." It either means something or it doesn't. If you don't get it, I ain't got it either. I got ultimate evil = local entropic minimum. I gotta got do some more science. I seem to be the first atheist in "history" who has seen the power beyond the absolute. You keep on believing in the original lie. I gotta go commit original sin...

Is deterministic chaos an emergent technology? It's science. I have faith I'm a tool using monkey, ain't no god above above me, ain't no hell below me... all I see is open sky.

Thanks. I love my Gwynnies! Have a nice will.
(don't worry! I'm a professional. Big Grin)

[Image: klingon_zps7e68578a.jpg]
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