All praise be to the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!
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09-07-2012, 03:55 AM
RE: All praise be to the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!
Greetings again, fellow Pastafarians! Here's some updated pics and info from He Who Boiled For Your Sins.

The God Particle may have been found, and it looks just how we expected.

[Image: godparticle_thumb.jpg]

That blasphemous picture with Jesus and the Raptor has been fixed, because we all know that dinosaurs lived during the time of FSM and not Jesus.

[Image: FSM_and_Raptor_Jesus_thumb.jpg]

During lunch break on Sunday April 15th at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, a group of 20 or so courageous Muslim extremists gathered in front of the convention center filled with 4000 Atheist unbelievers. They were quickly joined by two Pastafarians and shoulder to shoulder they demonstrated against those ignorant Atheists who do not understand Creation nor fear God. Islam and Flying Spaghetti Monsterism have the same core beliefs in common; we believe (and truly know) that the universe and all living beings were created by a deity and a Prophet spoke in His name. We just have different opinions about the name of that god and Prophet and also treat our wenches slightly differently. Apart from that, Islam and Pastafarianism: Same struggle!

In the attached pictures you will see the Muslims demonstrating in full Islamic regalia together with Pastafarians in colander head gear holding up the Gospel and a fresh pack of Spaghetti. On the windows in the background you might see the reflection of a Pirate Ship. Coincidence??

[Image: IMG_3645_Along_came_a_Wench_thumb1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3653_FSM_Is_The_Creator_thumb1.jpg]

Make sure to check out the latest nativity display on the Virginia Court House lawn.

[Image: holydisplay_thumb.jpg]

Finally, I'd just like to reiterate. Anyone who wants to become an ordained FSM minister can order one of these certifications for 20 bucks.

"These certificates are legitimate and your name will be added to the official registry of ordained FSM ministers.

A license to perform weddings can be applied for at your local clerk's office. You'll need this certificate and possibly a Letter of Good Standing which I am happy to provide."

"Ain't got no last words to say, yellow streak right up my spine. The gun in my mouth was real and the taste blew my mind."

"We see you cry. We turn your head. Then we slap your face. We see you try. We see you fail. Some things never change."
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