Am I An Atheist?
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05-11-2016, 05:55 PM
RE: Am I An Atheist?
(05-11-2016 04:53 AM)RocketSurgeon76 Wrote:  Our planet was caught in the center of one of the scattered light rays resulting from taking the image so close to the Sun. This image is part of Voyager 1's final photographic assignment which captured family portraits of the Sun and planets. NASA / JPL[/b]

-- Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot, 1994
[Image: 20140801_PIA00452.jpg]

I wonder how many theists would see this picture and claim that earth is being directly illuminated by god because he wants us to know that he exists.

That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.”
-P.C. Hodgell - Seeker’s Mask - Kirien
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05-11-2016, 09:05 PM
RE: Am I An Atheist?
I was raised Pentecostal, you Catholics were just a bunch of Mary-worshipping pagans. Tongue

Gods derive their power from post-hoc rationalizations. -The Inquisition

Using the supernatural to explain events in your life is a failure of the intellect to comprehend the world around you. -The Inquisition
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07-11-2016, 10:49 AM
RE: Am I An Atheist?
As much as Catholics love Mary they seem to abhor the idea of women priests, bishops, or cardinals. Vehemently so.
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13-03-2017, 11:22 PM
RE: Am I An Atheist?
(04-11-2016 10:14 AM)TurkeyBurner Wrote:  The morning sun has risen and burned away the fog of a long, dark night. You are standing there blinking like a newborn at the glorious new world before you. Who cares what it is called? Just go explore it, savor it, and make yourself home in it.
Bravo, TurkeyBurner!

Wow, such poetic, apt, and moving images of the beauty of awakening to rationality.

Thank you for this
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14-03-2017, 01:35 AM (This post was last modified: 14-03-2017 01:41 AM by Robvalue.)
RE: Am I An Atheist?
Heya, welcome to the forum Smile Thanks for sharing your story. Well done for continuing to question everything!

If you have an active, positive belief that there is a god (whatever that may mean), then you are a theist. If you don't have this, you're an atheist. It doesn't require also having a positive belief that there isn't a god; that is optional.

There could be some sort of creator, but totally unlike any of the ridiculous characters religion presents. To me, it makes no difference to anything.

Here's my vid on this subject:

I have a website here which discusses the issues and terminology surrounding religion and atheism. It's hopefully user friendly to all.
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15-03-2017, 09:09 AM
RE: Am I An Atheist?
Awesome read!

I've always been an atheist, so may not be much help, BUT the way I think about it is this.

Science encourages you to ask questions, so we can learn/understand whats going on around the world, and even partially encourages you get the answer wrong, so you can move forward to get to the eventual answer.

Whilst all religions do hold some value, ('some' being the qualifying word), I find many refuse to change their views, and all basically "because the bible/holy book says so". Without being indoctrinated with any "hard religion" [Side note: that'd make a great movie title], I made up my own mind on people being a different race/sexuality/gender/whatever than myself......finally deciding at a very young age, that everybody is essentially the same, so why would you hate anybody because they are a man and like Men? Or have more melanin in their skin than I do? Or because they are the opposite sex than me? It really makes zero sense.

I'm training for a 10K run, read about it in my blog :
Lost In Pace - A Running Blog
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15-03-2017, 03:47 PM
RE: Am I An Atheist?
Hello Keen, welcome aboard.

I've never been a theist, and I come from a country where many people are atheists, most people don't talk about religion and we are generally accepting of religious or non religious diversity.

So perhaps I am one of the least likely people to understand you or what you have gone through, but anyway, here is my 2cents from a completely different perspective.
(03-11-2016 02:28 PM)Keen Wrote:  my Biology teacher was awesome, she was very enthusiastic and inspiriting and I really liked her. However the first lecture being on Evolution ruffled my feathers...what is this garbage? She even used a quote from passed Pope John Paul II who stated Evolution was not against Catholic teaching.
I've never understood how people take offence to science. Science is merely a method of discovery, using evidence and induction. I think you have problems if you get offended by the idea of induction based on evidence and looking for evidence. There seems to me to be something wrong if your beliefs get in the way of evidence based discovery. It's the opposite of being open minded.

I understand that many people are raised into religious beliefs and it is incredibly hard for them to break out of this, to be open minded to evidence especially when it conflicts to their long held beliefs. So really big ups to you on this. Many people cant do it, but YOU have managed to, Well Done!

(03-11-2016 02:28 PM)Keen Wrote:  I would say such things like "Death is when the soul leaves the body so Life is when the soul enters the body. Therefore in Genesis when God made humans, it was really him breathing their souls in...up until that point he molded them through Evolution so that they were truly in his image."
A couple of counter points come to mind.
1. Death is when the body stops functioning. When decomposition becomes rife. The "soul" has no impact on these things. If your heart stops pumping blood then metabolism stops, oxygen doesn't go to vital organs e.g. the brain and such, anti bodies stop being produced and your body is overcome by pathogens (bacteria and such) where in this process is the soul needed?
2. What is meant by "in his image"?
We have evolved teeth so that we can eat. Does god eat?
We have a nose so we can smell, eyes so that we can see, ears so that we can hear. Does god smell, see and hear in the same way that we do?
I've always been lost on the idea of "in his image", it seems nonsensical to me, but no doubt, profound to believers.

(03-11-2016 02:28 PM)Keen Wrote:  The next big milestone was homosexuality. I was always very vocal and willing to debate people on anything...but not homosexuality. It was hard for me to make logical arguments outside of "its a sin!" "Its against nature" "Male and female bodies are complimentary for a reason".
The way I look at it is:
Other people don't need my approval on who they are to love, emotionally and physically.
Love seems to be a positive force, why do we look to put boundaries on it? Who are we trying to protect? What harm is there if a consenting male loves another male or a consenting female loves another female? What makes it my business?
If there is an all powerful god then that is up to this god and those people. It isn't my place to judge or interfere.
I would be somewhat concerned about a sanctimonious "leader" watching, judging and punishing people for things that this "leader" has decided that he or she doesn't like. It seems rather petty and overbearing and somewhat sadistic.

(03-11-2016 02:28 PM)Keen Wrote:  As a Catholic we were taught to essentially shun homosexuals but still "love" them. I grew more and more disgusted with my fellow Catholics (some who I admired for their faith) say terrible things about LGBTQ+ members. They would refer to them as "those people" or complain about having to watch partners spend time together while one was in the hospital (one of the Catholics saying these things was a nurse). I was disgusted by what I heard.
Yeah, I used to be a member of a Catholic forum for a couple of months, just to try and understand them better. Not to challenge them or tell the god doesn't exist. But just observing their behaviours and thoughts I felt it was pretty disgusting their negativity towards gays, to woman's rights, etc. Things they worry about seems rather petty, and often they just tell each other to tow the line, just to follow the churches teachings rather than to think for themselves. It was actually quite depressing to be a member of the forum.

(03-11-2016 02:28 PM)Keen Wrote:  I considered his thoughts more than some random person and he considered mine as well. We were pretty polar opposite on tthese things but I came around! The things he would say made more and more sense the more time I spent thinking about them. 4 years later I married him. Heart
You sound pretty exceptional, being able to set aside your own beliefs and to truly listen to the other side. Well Done!

(03-11-2016 02:28 PM)Keen Wrote:  Then I start to think about things without God. Whats the point of life without God? Is life really over and there is nothingness? Realizing how small we are in the vastness of the universe. I get extremely depressed thinking that Im going to spend my whole life doing nothing because now, there is no Heaven ultimate goal. I still have a rosary hanging up in my car...I still get a sense of saftey when it is there. I know its just an echo of a feeling from my former life at this point, but I keep it there for some reason.
It seems to me that the building blocks of your life, your world view have been completely constructed on this god dependancy thing.
I don't have any of that.
But there is a great point to life, but only you can determine for yourself what that point is. You are an adult, and adults are independent and can set their own goals and purpose and pick their own path through life.

(03-11-2016 02:28 PM)Keen Wrote:  God doesnt make sense to me anymore. Am I an atheist?
If you don't believe in any god then you are an atheist. It's just a label, no big deal.
Funnily enough we don't have a word for a person who doesn't believe in fairies or in the loc ness monster, but there are many labels that we can all wear.
Atheism isn't really a thing, we aren't a group and we don't have a group think. We are just individuals who happen to not believe in the idea of gods, angels and demons watching us and pushing us towards good or evil.
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15-03-2017, 05:32 PM
RE: Am I An Atheist?
(07-11-2016 10:49 AM)Keen Wrote:  As much as Catholics love Mary they seem to abhor the idea of women priests, bishops, or cardinals. Vehemently so.

> Hi, Keen! I'm glad to meet another ex-Catholic here. Smile Welcome to The thinking Atheist.
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16-03-2017, 11:18 PM
RE: Am I An Atheist?
I grew up in an evangelical home, however I went to public school. It's actually rather funny, at the fact I was told these things yet not once was so adapt to force them upon others.
It's strange though, I can never remember being offended by anything that many say would god against my faith. Even though I called myself a christian, I was fascinated with everything that was 'against god' in public schools. I never called out evolution in class unlike my peers, I never made fun of a group of lesbian girls and a few bands students as they were my best friends.

I never called myself an atheist until senior year. But I used the Agnostic Atheist as I don't know if their is a god, but with what I have now there is no proof.

"Governments don't want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking That is against their interests.
They want obedient workers people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork And just dumb enough to passively accept it."

- George Carlin
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