Am I being trolled?
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05-06-2013, 05:05 PM
Am I being trolled?
I think it's a rhetorical question Dodgy
I got this e-mail just now sent by someone I don't know! Multiple senders in fact, none familiar to me

1) How does something like this stay in circulation for 4 years?
2) How did it get sent to me?
3) Is it even remotely factual, and did FoxNews in fact show something on it?
4) (just for the LoL's) Would FoxNews jump on a piece of info known to be a complete fabrication so as to use it as propaganda, if not to incite their viewers to anti-middle eastern attitudes, then to imply other news networks tried to cover it up?

Ofcourse, I'm skeptical! But I've got enough horseshit on TV to have to worry about my inbox being impacted by it, too Angry

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