Am I racist? Or just a statistician?
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22-07-2012, 12:18 AM
Am I racist? Or just a statistician?
I was thinking about titling this thread 'whats wrong with being a stereotype?' Anyway, let me explain.

I don't consider myself racist. Because I'm not.

Stereotypical? Maybe. But if you fight not being a stereotype then you fight evolution IMO. For example, does an antelope look at the lion and say, "ya he has sharp teeth and looks designed to kill me, but who am I judge? I'll pay no attention." or a rodent say 'there an owl' yada yada yada.... Blink

But one thing I am for sure, is a statistician. I know, as an evolved human being. statistically if I had my choice of

A). going down an alley with 3 black people dressed liked thugs dancing to (what looks like) rap music.


B). going down an alley with 3 white people dressed in suits.

Guess what, I'm going down B. But I'm white. IDK. Maybe it would be different for a black man. Or asian whatever....

Now if it was

A). 3 black people in suits. Looking to be maybe theists, perhaps some Jehovahs witnesses preaching.


B). 3 White people looking shitty and trashy as hell desperate for $.

Guess what, I'm going down A.

But my decision is only based off the light that bounced off of them and into my eyes and my brain deciphering the best decision for my survival
. Yes?

Now let's be honest. Statistically black people are more prone to violence. Yes? Have you ever seen 'Boys N the hood.'? The very beginning words are, 'One out of every 21 Black American males will be murdered'. Most will die at the hands of another Black male.'

Am I wrong anywhere? Let's talk about this.

Forget Jesus. Stars died so you could live.-Lawrence Krauss

For god loved the world so much he tortured his only begotten son, gave him a 3 day nap only to wake up in ultimate awesomeness and called it a sacrifice.
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