Am I wrong?
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28-08-2011, 09:59 PM
RE: Am I wrong?
(26-08-2011 10:14 AM)latvianxave8 Wrote:  I was in a discussion on another message board... I had since chosen to just ignore the thread because it was giving me too much stress... but just to re-affirm that I know I am correct:

Fact - demonstrably correct piece of data
Theory - heavily supported explanation of a natural phenomena
Valid and Confirmable are synonyms (even if in a loose sense)
The Big Bang Theory is indeed more confirmable than The Easter Bunny

All of these things that I said people mocked me for and said I was an idiot.

Am I?

They also said I was stupid for claiming that:

A) The Big Bang Theory has facts to support it
in conjunction with
B) The Big Bang Theory can be disproven in the future

They claimed that statements A and B contradict eachother

If I remember correctly, the way out universe has dispensed is considered proof of the big bang.
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