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20-08-2011, 05:02 AM
RE: Amateur Authors
OK, since I did a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, this story is from one of our campaigns. I decided to play a monk class for the first time in my life and I had no idea how to shape the character I wanted to play, so little by little I came up with a great idea so I decided to develop it even more. I even found some rare prestige classes that would fit perfectly for character. The prestige class is called Animal Shen, snake style. The story is set in desert part of the south in the Forgotten Realms campaign, an ancient imaginary world of DnD, you might consider it to be something like ancient Egypt. The history of my character goes like this...

Quote:My name is Hassan Chop, or at least everyone thinks so. My true name has been hidden for 14 years because it is not the right time to reveal my identity yet…
In the year 1355 I was a ten year old boy. My father was a bit older when I was born, but he was still very strong and extremely agile. Day after my tenth birthday he started telling me stories of his younger days, when he was a soldier, of a sort. That was the first time I saw his private chambers also. There we stood in front of big stone doors, but they looked more like a wall. On them there was a strange symbol of two snakes facing each other, making almost complete circle. Later I will found out that those were royal cobra snakes. Then father took off his periapt and pushed it in a small hole in the doors, which then opened with very little sound, quite an amazing thing for a kid to see. We entered a small hallway and entered some room in the basement. It looked a bit disappointing, I was expecting something cool but this was almost empty, just a few practicing dolls, and some weapons, but nothing impressive. After that everything changed...
I began learning about my legacy, martial arts. But not just normal martial arts, you see, my father, and his father, and 17 generations before them, my ancestors were practicing ancient animal shen techniques, with snake as the most favorite one, although some used other ones as well. I started training with my father every day, learning the way of the monks, perfecting my body and spirit. This fighting style was not kept top secret, but we never showed it around if it weren't necessary for self-defense, so it was quite unknown and only a few people took its path. My family never opened any school for martial arts, it was passed down from father to son only, but also, we were not the only ones who used it. Father told me of old monks in few abandoned monasteries who are the true masters and keep the knowledge of all the fighting styles. Unfortunately, I could learn only the basics and he never had time to tell me more about these animal shen masters, for there is more to the life of my father than just a simple monk who likes snakes.
In the year 1325 my father joined the Royal Guards and served there for 5 years but he didn't talk much about that time, so we mostly talked about the time after that. In the year 1330 he retired from Royal Guards, but kept working for the Pharaoh, only now as a commander of a secret, small tactical team of 6 men, my father included. Their name was Royal Elite Cobra Team (R.E.C.T.) and they were all snake animal shens like my father. They all kept their identities secret and nobody except their Commander knew who they were and how to get in touch with them. Well, almost nobody. There was always something strange with animals around my house, some of them were constant visitors and I could swear I heard my father whispering something to them sometimes. Later I found out that was some druid, who helped my father find and inform his men of the next mission for their country but he always remained a very mysterious person. Nobody ever saw him and nobody knows who he is. A lot of times I could see my father returning home with trouble on his mind, although he always did his every task fast and precise. You have to realize he was a very proud and loyal man. He always did as he was commanded, because that was his duty and duty came before everything else. I am not sure did he disobeyed an order, or some of his old enemies found him or did people just feared things they don't understand, but someone wanted him dead badly.
When I was at the age of 14, my parents and I were sitting at the table, we just finished dinner when my father suddenly got up and shouted to me and my mother to get to his room, he took off his periapt and threw it to me saying to use the secret exit. Then they broke through the door. At first it was 5 cloaked figures who stepped in and just as they went for the aim, my father did something I never saw before. He stood his ground and did a punch in air in front of him but then a shock wave appeared in front of the cloaked man in the middle, on the other side of the room and it exploded around him. That amazing hit not only broke some bones in the man’s face, but it also stopped everyone around him. From behind them a few arrows flew at my father and with incredible speed he deflected them, all but one, the one that was not meant for him but for my mother. I was already behind the wall, but my mother was not and the arrow hit her in the head, she died instantly. After that my father changed in front of my eyes, literally, he transformed his body into snake looking beast, with dark greenish scales. In the next few moments he killed those five men and with lightning speed he jumped on the next group who just entered the house. It was a bloodbath; he killed 4 more of them before they drew the first blood from him. Little by little they surrounded him and more of them came. Final body count before he fell was 13, and most of the other 15-or-so were injured and crippled. He yelled to me something about druid, to find him or that he will find me, I could not hear well and could understand even less. When he fell I knew I don't have a choice, so I ran through the hidden room and escaped on the street far away from my house. I could only watch as it slowly began to burn. Then I saw a snake standing in front of me. It was a royal cobra and it just stared at me, then it did a sign as if it wanted me to follow it and it went in the alley. I started following the cobra to some old basement. We entered inside and we just waited for a whole day, patiently. I did not know it, or what it wants from me, but I felt like I was doing the right thing and I had a strange calm feeling while I was meditating there. And also, it was a royal cobra, highly dangerous snake and very, very rare to see, even if that is our family symbol. I guessed it was that druid but you can never be sure with them. I figured that if he wanted to talk to me, or has anything to say he will, so I left the snake alone and waited. On second day the snake suddenly looked to the door and then it turned and disappeared in a hole in the wall. The door opened and there was a strong person, wrapped in desert robes, standing on the door. He was a friend of my father and he was sent there to rescue me and to help me survive. Some animal delivered the message to him yesterday to come find me…
After some time I spent with Jaah Al’ Rashid and his family he revealed more of my father's history and some of his own. Next three years I learned the ways of the Scorpion Hunters. They were friends of my father and occasionally they worked together on missions. Although the Scorpion Hunters could not teach me my fighting style or the things my father taught me I practiced their ways and their techniques with them and my snake style on my own. When I was ready I did my initiation and was accepted as a Scorpion Hunter. Next ten years we worked for military or private contracts, always choosing our missions carefully. We were always searching for information about what happened to my family but we never found any, there was never any evidence or clue to who might be responsible or even why. I decided to leave the Scorpion Hunters and go on my own, and when the time came Jaah Al’ Rashid gave me his enchanted leg wrappings with the symbol and speed of the scorpion and the Scorpion Hunters…
A year has passed and I have collected some scrolls and rumors about animal fighting techniques and now I find myself with a strange group of people who look like they could be useful in my search…
My true name is Rahzel Lysan Al’ Jazzir, son of Abdul Kumar Al’ Jazzir and I will continue my father's legacy as the 20th generation Al’ Jazzir snake shen.

Who knows, maybe I continue to develop the story some time in the future... If somebody wants, I can provide you the whole sheet of Hassan, his skills, feats and abilities... They all fit the story perfectly, I even know what his father is suppose to have.

Feel free to post this on other forums if you think it worthy, only don't take the credit for your self, it is written by Filox and it should be presented as such. Thank you.

[Image: a6505fe8.jpg]
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