Amazon Reviews of The Bible (funny)
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14-09-2012, 02:11 PM
RE: Amazon Reviews of The Bible (funny)
Whoa! B Miller - are you a forum member or just some random passing agnostic jewish scholar? Big Grin
I love his comments:

Quote:I wonder how so many people can say this person hasn't read it based on: saying this is a sequel, saying it is all about Jesus, and saying that the first four chapters repeat.

I have skimmed bits of the Bible, so I haven't read it, really, but I can tell you it is a sequel, to the TaNaKh. It contains a Greek edit of the Torah w/ bits of Nevi'im and Ketuvim, which Christians call the "Old Testament." It's kinda like the recap at the beginning of a sequel to remind you of what happened in the previous film (or in the case of The Incredible Hulk, skip over that crappy Ang Lee film, Hulk, like it never existed).

Then, it goes into the New Testament, which has four chapters that retell almost the same story of Jesus, and they focus on him exclusively as the main character. Sure there are more characters, but it's not like Luke Skywalker who needed Obi-wan and even still kinda sucks on his own without Han, Chewy, and even Leia and the droids. JC was like a Jedi Master when he was like 12 yrs old.

The first three Gospels have much of the same material but actually have some discrepancies in the time at which certain events took place, particularly the crucial event of turning the tables of the moneychangers. It may have been a key factor leading to JC's execution by getting the attention of the Roman Governor, or it may have happened about 2 yrs earlier and been a "meh" to the Roman Governor, pretty BIG discrepancy.

The Gospel of John is the only one that is not like the other three. It is said that when it was written, it was known that the story of Jesus was already told in a Gospel, so he wrote a "Spiritual Gospel" instead. Those were the four chosen to be in the Bible.

There were actually 19 known Gospels when the Bible was put together, but more have been found, and there are likely 22 as of the Gospel of Judas. But the Gospels are not the oldest writings in the Bible. Paul's letters to the Corinthians were written circa 50 AD.

The Gospels were written about 70 AD (around the time of the 2nd destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem) by disciples of disciples of the man in question as a Jewish revival movement, not a new religion. They were compiled and interpreted as part of creating a new religion a couple hundred years after that.

With that in mind, how the hell were they supposed to have an accurate idea of what happened or what the man meant when he said he was one with the father. In eastern nations, that's a NO DUH! We are ALL one with the father!

But the material-minded people of western culture couldn't contemplate being a physical being connected with the great spiritual oneness of the universe, so they misunderstood the writings which were not written when JC was alive to verify if they were accurate to what he preached. They turned it into a cult worship of an incarnate deity, which is where it stands today. It gets kinda creepy when you start to compare it to the many cults in history in which a person said to contain the essence of a god is ritually sacrificed and their blood and body are consumed (sound familiar, Christians?).

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14-09-2012, 04:29 PM
RE: Amazon Reviews of The Bible (funny)
(14-09-2012 02:11 PM)kim Wrote:  Whoa! B Miller - are you a forum member or just some random passing agnostic jewish scholar? Big Grin
I love his comments: ...

Fucking Fullerene ... trying to hide his true identity as Buckminster Miller by claiming he's only "skimmed bits" of the Bible. Pfffft. Take more than that to fool Girly, FullerNads. Tongue

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