American Horror
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07-10-2011, 05:16 PM
American Horror
I guess I'm a Ryan Murphy fan girl . . . sort of. I liked the first season of Boston Public, I was insane about the first season of Glee, and the first two seasons of Nip/Tuck had me feeling dirty in all the right ways. I've noticed a weird pattern, and that's that his shows seem to get away from him.

I'm a skeptic and an atheist. I don't believe in ghosts or goblins or things that go bump in the night, unless the thing going bump is readily explained by science or logic. Maybe the fact that I'm so averse to superstition makes me react strongly to supernatural horror but the fact is as much as I love the genre it takes the piss out of me.

But I digress.

I watched the pilot for American Horror and it was . . . weird. Not as compelling as I would have liked for how dirty I felt afterwards. Now, I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination. I can put on the Lolita dresses and parade through central Austin with all the other lesbians without missing a beat to consider how I'm disappointing social norms. So I can't explain why but so far the show has just rubbed me the wrong way.

I love the horror genre, but I'm a more a fan of the written word. If I watch a tv horror show it's usually a mini series based on a Stephen King novel so maybe I just missed the boat on this one but when did watching a horror show start feeling like auto-erotic asphyxiation?

I felt soooo old because all the responses (well, all 5) on Hulu were so bleeding positive. I find myself in a strange space sometimes between the Christian prudes and the nudists at hippy hollow. Maybe I just haven't thrown off all the religious shackles yet but I occasionally find myself flinching at how Teenagers Are Dressed Today and telling those Damn Kids to Leave My Dog Alone.

Or maybe it really is just a dirty, naughty show. Actually, I'm certain it is. What I'm not sure of is if my aversion is directly related to the quality of the show or my upbringing. Or maybe we just like what we like. Meh. All I know for sure is I was looking forward to it and now I find myself feeling let down.

And in need of some good old fashioned lava soap.
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