An Argument of Purpose?
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15-03-2012, 07:40 AM
RE: An Argument of Purpose?
These things arise from not being hungry. If we spent all our time searching for food, that would be our purpose. We have culturally evolved beyond such, but the need for purpose still lingers.

This is part of the god equation, but I feel identity is a greater contributing factor. People identifying with god and taking it upon themselves to be "god's enablers," which is just another way to gain control of a group - ironically an evolutionary imperative.

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15-03-2012, 07:55 AM
RE: An Argument of Purpose?
(15-03-2012 02:32 AM)satan69 Wrote:  To say my dad died at 96, and got to experience life before he died is meaningless. he wont remember ever living to 96 or 26.

In case you are referring to my statement (not sure) my grandpa said at age 96 that he would hate to die early and miss everything.

In other words, I think he expressed that there were still things he wanted to do and he'd hate to miss out on it. And he died at 98 and I hope that he did get to experience what he was interested in seeing.

I also think it's great when you like your life enough to want to stick around for more.

I don't actually understand why it bothers people that there is no afterlife. I guess I just don't feel that way. When you are dead you are dead. Life is like a poker game, and you make the best of the hands you are dealt. It's a game of skill, some people can do wonders with bad hands, and some panic and lose. It's an engaging game and fun to play.

Your purpose changes all the time, and there are short term purposes (I'm hungry, I need to get some food) , longer ones (I want my daughter to go to college) and really long ones (like a bucket list).

Life is like you have a bunch of facts and you write a novel around them. When the novel ends, it's done.

If you lack purpose, create it. Make a goal and go for it. If you realize along the way that you can't get there, or that you don't want it afterall, find a new goal. This is kind of changes with age. As you get older the long term goals tend to just pop out at you. I have a lot more to live for now than I did at 20. At 20 all my goals were short term. Now I have some doozies on my plate. I'd hate to die now and miss out on seeing how it all turns out.

But, if I do die, it'll be just like before I was born. I won't exist and I won't care about the goals or what I left behind or anything at all. I finished writing the book, and I'm done with it. Maybe someone will pick it up and read it and get something out of it, maybe not. I most certainly won't care. I won't be here to worry about it.

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