An Attempt at Debunking the Biblical God
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07-09-2012, 10:59 PM
An Attempt at Debunking the Biblical God
Hey there! I'm new to this form, I needed an escape from Facebook to a different potential outlet for my views, and being new into the anti-theistic argument, I have formed some opinions on the Christian view of free will, an all knowing God and the afterlife. I have come up with an idea I would love feedback on.

The Bible makes the claim that we have free will. I think this is ultimately false in the face of the all knowing God hypothesis. God supposedly created man in his image. God created me in his image, you, etc. according to the Bible. God gave us brains we use to drive everything we do, specifically tailored to his liking. This would mean that God has tailored us to act a certain way from the moment he designed our "soul" or conciousness in Heaven. If he designed us with a set of possibilities that perhaps we could end up one way or another or another, as we have free will, this eliminates the all knowing aspect of God. Even if we have "free will"; would God not know HOW we are going to use this free will? God must have known Cain would kill his brother out of envy from the, well he must have always known this as he is all knowing and exists outside of time. Yet he punishes him for creating him this way, which is the second part of my argument. Why would God punish us for creating us a specific way? If he is ultimately responsible for everything by creating everything and knowing events would transpire a specific way, this means God is ultimately responsible for everything. Good, evil, original sin, charity, YET he punishes or rewards us for the gift or burden he has placed on us from the start. God has always known I would fail to believe in Him, yet he created me this way anyway. My soul was damned to an eternity in fire from the moment it was created. What kind of idea is this? I look at things from a neuroscientific perspective and have concluded free will is an illusion, all of our will is a product of our brain chemistry and events we cannot control in our lives, not free. But the idea of an all knowing God, eternal torture and free will are ultimately incompatible.
Let's compare this to an engineer and robots, for example. Imagine I am the perfect robotic engineer. My robotic creations do not malfunction, they do not fail, they do as I code them and only that, because I am all knowing of robotic engineering. I create a set of robots to spread amongst themselves word of me. Anything perceived as a malfunction is actually intricately coded into the robots by me, malfunctions could be comparable to atheism. If I set my robots to do one task, why would I order some of them not to do the task, then cry and be furious when they don't abide to that task order because I DESIGNED them that way, then destroy them and burn them? That is nonsense, and I see that as atheism, free will, and the Biblical God. My understanding of religion is relatively fundamental, but I would assume this is possible to be carried over to other monotheistic religions, such as Islam or Judaism.

These were just some points I made. I would love feedback on their validity! Thank you for reading.
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