An odd and specific question: Are there any working phlebotomists here?
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21-08-2016, 11:39 PM
RE: An odd and specific question: Are there any working phlebotomists here?
Quote:It's a struggle to draw blood from me. My veins aren't cooperative though I try to do what I can to help.

Yes, I'm the same way- when I was in special skills school I was the class guinea pig- as soon as the instructor saw how difficult I was, she made everyone successfully start an iv in my arm. The first few had it easy, but once they wore my ac's out, there were tears, lol. Usually my ac's are the only ones remotely visible or palpable.

I was burned- my right leg- in an aircraft accident in the Air Force, which required 33 skin grafts. I have occasional cellulitis and end up in the hospital once or twice each year, for a week or so. I'm so well known as a hard stick there that they finally- after fighting me for years- allow me to start my own IV's when I'm admitted. I've reduced several nurses to tears and caused one lab tech to quit his job in frustration, after missing 11 times. Now when I'm admitted they just bring the IV tray in and set it down, and walk out...I get it started, they come back in and hook me up, with no comment...I guess for plausible deniability, if anyone saw it they could claim they left the room to get something and I did it on my own, lol.

There is definitely an art to it. Everyone's skin is different, some thick, some thin, some rather translucent, some not, their veins are in slightly different places, some tend to roll, some spasm, etc. You really have to develop a feel for it. I used to be very good at it, I'm considering taking the phlebotomy course with my daughter just for fun...we're very competitive with each other, lol. The class- like most classes involving iv/venipuncture- practices on itself, so I'm sure we'd have fun with that. Smile

So your best guess, what sort of hourly wage do you think she could expect as a part time pleb fresh out of school, attending med school? I understand it's a wag.
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