Anarchism Going Backwards
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10-10-2011, 12:41 PM
Anarchism Going Backwards
In Yesterdays society, anarchism was rarely seen nor heard of. There were clicks but small minor ones that hide in the shadows of Government structure and order.
In some places in America it was seen as crazy to hold these views, sometimes illegal.

Although in today's society modern ideas of anarchism reflected through films like V for Vendetta and such are becoming increasingly prevalent. Nonetheless a good film, however the message is clear. The film is based in future Britain where a new Nazism has grown and sprouted. It's clear what I would do, destroy the Government obviously.

Yes at the end V destroys parliament and the people are supposedly free from tyranny, a happy ending no? Maybe if everything was short term. It is clear to me as to any rational thinking human being who knows of nature and the nature of man that what will happen next.

Realism! If Alan Moore and David Lloyd took this important tool into consideration when writing it they might have come to the same question as I: What happens Next? This simple question applied to a country that has applied anarchy destroys anarchism.

It's pretty obvious what will happen when there's no leadership, order, law etc. The same thing in Montreal in 1969.

When the police decided to go on strike in the city it didn't take more than a couple of hours before the first reports of theft, assaults, mass riots and general chaos broke out. After it was named the Murray-Hill riot

Back to V for Vendetta we can safely assume that a angry country that has been oppressed by the so called government will be relieved that its ended. How long will it take then to realize that now, with no order or threat of punishment people will start stealing, killing and develop a society where the largest gang rules and eventually stop at a government again.

Why cause a event in time which will cause more suffering to take place resulting in what we have now?

What are your thoughts?
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