Ancient book(s)/writings
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27-05-2017, 08:17 AM
Ancient book(s)/writings
It just occurred to me how old and un-understandable the bible is (regardless of the version). The Christian holy book is so out of date it bares little relationship (actually none) to the modern world. It is the worst kind of tradition possible. Nothing relates to the modern world except the so called "Golden Rule".

Let's face it folks we have no feeling or understanding of sheep and shepherds or lords, we just don't live in that world anymore, we aren't beholden to some land owner (lord) to whom we owe our liveliness, the requirement to lay down whatever sort of work we indulge in to take up our pitchforks to go fight a battle of which we have no understanding. We do not have to worry that the lord is going to demand our daughters be sent to him so he can "deflower them" or to be used in whatever way for however long he chooses.

We do not have to wonder if we will survive if the lord decides to confiscate most if not all or our animals or crops: if we think taxes are out of hand now think about not being able to meet the demands of the lord, that in lew of paying taxes we could go to prison or become a virtual slaves.

Now days one can rise from abject poverty to the alphest person (being as politically correct as possible), something that the poor (in more ways than one) serf could not under any circumstances ever even hope to do.

No, we don't live in that world but we need, if you will pardon the expression, an up to date Bible one that excludes "God" (least you misunderstand I'm not in favor of any Bible) but if we must have one at least let it be one that relates to the modern world, not something that is so old that anyone can interpret it any way they want (of course someone would still manage to cheery pick a modern bible)

In any case I'd still be a rabid atheist.

PS you have no idea how many times I had to edit this post before I felt I had it right.

Today is the best day of my life and tomorrow will be even better.
Robert himself
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27-05-2017, 10:20 AM
RE: Ancient book(s)/writings
Quote:Nothing relates to the modern world except the so called "Golden Rule".

An idea which in any case predates any so-called "jesus" by centuries.

[Image: 946466.png]

Pittacus died c 568 BC.

Atheism is NOT a Religion. It's A Personal Relationship With Reality!
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