And another one picked me
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26-04-2017, 04:08 AM
RE: And another one picked me
Hi Leerob,

I have a sweatshirt just like your Grumpy Cat picture. It usually suits my mood.

Quote: A sin is the mistake that the human believes it is separate from God and it doesn’t have anything to do with hell. Practically all on earth have reincarnated and start as babies.
Hell is not real but created in the mind of the human because of man-made religion. All humans are meant for the ascension and will make it when they are ready no matter how long it takes.

Quote:The inner experience is beyond beliefs and non-beliefs and no one can have it for another. The human is a spiritual being with a material body, having experience in the material realm.

It looks to me, from the quotes above, that James is a pretty typical Neoplatonic or Gnostic type of believer. All the statements above are normal for those folks.

You're right, of course, that he's not a mainstream Christian. I don't know of any modern denomination that holds the same beliefs. But what he's saying goes way way back -- there have been plenty of Gnostic Christians in history, even though your average church on the corner will call him a heretic today. It might be interesting to see if he knows the history of what he's claiming, or if he got it from some recent source. (Not that having a long history makes it *true*, of course.)

But I don't think it's fair to argue to him that he must be wrong because he's in the minority of Christians. Isn't it a logical fallacy to hold that truth is proved by the number of believers? Nor is it fair to make him defend the beliefs of majority Christians, which he doesn't share.

Of course I don't believe the Gnostics any more than I do the mainstream types. But he's not as much of an oddball as he might appear.
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26-04-2017, 04:14 AM
RE: And another one picked me
Just a quick update.
I checked the two threads where James had kept trying to debate me.
I made it clear to him (as you see) that he can stop anytime.

On one of the threads is telling me that he doesn't want to debate because his concious doesn't let him. (what?)
But then tries to satisfy my request to clarify everything.
On the other thread he is also making a point out of saying that he doesn't want to debate but also tries to satisfy my request to clarify everything.
Needless to say that he is playing symantics and keeps asserting and claim stuff.
- I still am buffled at his assertion that matter and energy are interchangeable.

But yea, iI have no patience with him. Last night was fun but he is stretching it now. I guess his pride is preventing him from backing off so I am helping that.
I told him that the discussion is over (for the above reasons) and will not reply any further.

Now I have a question to you guys.
I have never started debates. On Quora I answer questions on atheism. Usually they have to do with generalisations about atheists (yes, i know) and terminology. So I wonder why people started trying to debate me. As far as I can tell, I am not giving them a reason to debate me on things that have nothing to do with the original questions I initially answer. (I might block comments on my answers for a while)

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28-04-2017, 11:57 AM
RE: And another one picked me
(25-04-2017 06:51 PM)Leerob Wrote:  James cannot help himself and keeps doing it:
Quote:Information is either known to exist or it isn’t whether it is believed or not. They are not my claims or assertions. Do you know what causes you to have a heartbeat, breath, thoughts, emotions, or imagination?

Do you know where the life that you experience within and of yourself comes from or where it goes when it leaves the body? You know that it doesn’t go to the grave with a body.

Do you know why, according to science, energy is interchangeable with mass, is neither created nor destroyed, is all there is, is everywhere, and thus always was?

These things I contemplate and come to my own conclusions and then find that my conclusions were already known.

Why do these people always go to things like this that are physical and use them as some proof of god? Most of that stuff....YES we do know what causes them or why they happen.

But even the things we don't, "we don't know" IN NO WAY means "God did it". That's so incredibly stupid. "We don't know" means....WE DO NOT KNOW, and in most cases you can add "YET" to the end of it. The default answer is not "God did it".

It reminds me of an example I heard: take a complex math equation. It's presented to me and another guy and you have 3 seconds to solve it. I look at it, and say "I don't know". The other guy blurts out "The answer is 7!" He claims he's right because "at least I have an answer!" aren't right just because you came up with an answer and I didn't. And my answer is honest and it shows I'm open to try to keep figuring out what the answer is.
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