And yet another slaughtering of our innocence
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16-12-2012, 01:29 AM
And yet another slaughtering of our innocence
Hi all, I'll post a transcription of my blog on FB. I think that now more than ever, North America wants a scape goat (elicit the pitchfork and torch mentality) and since the perpetrator is dead, if society en mass can't then blame the mentally ill, (YIKES!!) they'll turn to us, the free thinking.
Please feel free to critique

" Normally I blog of things which denote how we as a species are in dire need of reconsidering and refocusing our priorities. That ideal is necessitated now more than ever; but for this "noting" instead, I'd like to take a moment to address the atrocity of Sandy Hook elementary school in Newton Ct.
My deepest thoughts and compassion go to those in that community, especially the parents.
How do we measure the worth of a single life or justify one's existence?
There are no analgogies, no metaphors and no eloquent soliloquys which can alleviate, or ameliorate this atrocity.
The only things that can prevent social decay and bring some sense semblance of hope is compassion and perspicacity. Yes, listen to those who lost EVERYTHING except their own lives. Amazing how all the "stuff", the newest, most novel gadgets and tokens of social status are rendered meaningless clutter when your children are taken at such an age.
They like us entrusted society to protect their single greatest resource while attempting to support that same society. A simple "quid pro quo". And now more than ever, they need to know (as we all do) that "Yeah, we failed, but god forbid we forget!"
More than all else, we accept that not only our little ones, but our very lives are "safe". And ideally, they are.
But since when have we lived in an ideal world?
We tell your young students and even admonish each other to "wake up and smell reality!".We applaud either fictitious characters or our social elite for stating "life's not fair" and "life's a bitch, so deal with it". I wonder who'd be "realistic" and "intelligent" enough to utter those words to the parents of Sandy Hook's little fallen ones? Yeah, funny how our own biting, harsh logic smacks back at us in times such as this.
Simply put, we want and demand our RIGHT....for someone else to think for us and SAVE us...
until it fails (as it always does).
Again, we've failed. Though I'm Canadian, anytime our youngest, are ripped from us, it's a horrible reminder that WE NEED TO CHANGE that transcends nationality and any other characteristic we use to define "us". Those families don't need another vociferous rally on patriotism, they need to know that it's not other people of a certain nationality, ethnicity, gender, or age want vengeance!! No, they need to know other PARENTS are there, willing to help mostly by listening. Not only during the holiday season, but the next several holiday seasons.
If humanity could reach out to them and parents who've lost thier children all over the world; for once, we'd give the most important Christmas presence of all.
If after this, as with so many of our well documented failures we distract ourselves until the "coast is clear" for things to go "back to how it was". And delude ourselves into our "God given right" to not shake the status quo because "it works, so DON'T FIX IT!"
Then start marking the days until the next school becomes a slaughter house! And DON'T deny it, don't jump on the "he was a sick, murderous monster who alone committed and isolated act of tyranny". Because you'll again hand more of your true rights and freedoms over to those whose interests are about profit margins and NOT altruism.
To cap the events during the past 27 hrs. Please review my postings as I discovered this tragedy. Then notice that between this, every other massacre and the suicide rates during the past 10 yrs alone, our society globally is more concerned with superficiality, avarice and hubris than the point to our existence. We have more incentives for excelling in math and science focused on finances and technology than necessary life skills. Since "point graded averages" are the only thing that matters in education; here's a "score": for comprehensive quality of life and development of our single greatest resource; WE'RE FAILING! We watch as our children, the future and only means of our species continued survival is being systematically eliminated...IN HD VIDEO!! And yet, we want to "fight injustice, indifference and discrimination"...except in ourselves.
For that would mean that we face the greatest monsters of all; our own ignorance and self absorption.
As the deveolpments unfold, we'll find that the "MONSTEROUS, MURDERING BASTARD" had a name (Adam Lanza) and that so far, his friends tell of an intelligent, geeky, meek "goth" who's mother indulged his love of technology for networking with his friends, the fellow geeks. They'd play games and Adam was always there for his friends. So what went wrong? What would drive an apparently docile, altruistic individual to be so blinded by whatever drove him to this, that any modicum of compassion and realization of who he was going to slaughter was...gone?
I hope I'm truly wrong about what I perceive next. The implications are so chilling...
If we confront the statistics and begin attaching simple, personal pronouns and simple nouns to the numbers, we're faced with the chilling reality:
One aspect of our youth are driven increasingly to kill the more vulnerable members.
Whether a teenage boy(s) open fire on a grade school, high school or government building.
Whether young parents (16-28yrs of age) feel they're so incapable of either caring for or accepting the responsibility of their greatest resource, the universe's gift and resort to killing their own children.Or our youth are so socially enamored with "glory and the accolades of society en mass!!" that they're slaughtered in military occupations which more often than not are NOT about protecting their beloved country; but enforcing corporate interests.
We're legally and socially sanctioning the systematic elimination of our youth.
To quote the Joker from the Dark Knight "No body panics if things go "according to plan"...EVEN IF THE PLAN IS HORRIFYING!!! If tomorrow I tell the press, like a gangbanger is going to get shot, or a truck load of soldiers will be blown up, no one panics. Because it's all a part of "the plan". But if I say that one, little mayor will die, THEN EVERYONE LOOSES THEIR MINDS!!"
Now let's consider this before we rush to pass legislation to "stop the monsters". If the shooter was as intelligent as his friends claim, he could easily have acquired the instructions for making a bathtub size quantity of nitro glycerine. That and/ or gone to the local Walmart after his 18th birthday and purchased the weapons to have obliterated a city block. Yes, the local high school AND most of the town! Yes he chose this, why? To blame him alone ignores the events and people surrounding his life. If we do that to satisfy some skewed sense of "sympathy and justice", we're giving the implicit permission for this (or worse!) to happen...again. And again...
As ugly and disgusting the details are, reasoning and objectivity can't replace those 27 beautiful people, 20 of whom had only begun life; but critical thinking and true objectivity will help us learn why. And face our failing as a society instead of embracing the illusion of comfort with the scape-goat. Which we see how this mentality has helped the poor parents of: Virginia Tech, Columbine, Paducah, etc... .
Maybe the real mental illness that needs immediate social attention isn't the criminals in such cases, most often, they're not actually ill. They're either acting on some skewed and misguided sense of retaliation at the society that they feel has failed them. Maybe the sickness is the mindset of society en mass; where our speices worst traits are glorified and idolized instead of our better ones; which are discouraged.
Maybe we need to ask when we'll put down the next new "cool"/ novel toy (smart phone, telecommunications device) and be afraid of losing our identity not by nationality, ethnicity or gender, but as a species...."
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16-12-2012, 12:28 PM
RE: And yet another slaughtering of our innocence
Summary plz ?

Since you say you welcome critique: It's a wall of text man. I honestly did try to read but my eyeballs burned out halfway through. Could you break it into paragraphs at least ?
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16-12-2012, 09:40 PM
RE: And yet another slaughtering of our innocence
did a quick skim....I see potential but you need to condense.

Twice the anger, Half the space!
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18-12-2012, 12:51 AM
RE: And yet another slaughtering of our innocence
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