Animal treats
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18-12-2012, 07:40 PM
RE: Animal treats
A lot of it depends on the dog, too. As for veggies having no nutritional value, that's the whole point in some cases, I've heard of overweight dogs being fed some veggies with their food because it fills them up but doesn't make them fat. Same with pumpkin (not the kind with spices). Some dogs love it, and it can be used if a dog is constipated to add more moisture. When my dog had diarrhea the vet told me to feed plain rice and boiled chicken.

As for actual treats that are healthier than the crap you can buy at walmart, I just use meat. Cut up pieces of meats, jerky, etc. My dogs also like carrots.

If you do just want to make biscuits, keep in mind that some dogs are sensitive, but at least you can control the ingredients if you make your own. I used about 2 cups whole wheat flour (better than white flour, anyway), an egg, enough water to make it doughy, and something for flavor (like peanut butter), then bake like cookies at 350 for ~15 minutes. The one dog gets gas whenever he eats any type of grain though, so I stopped feeding biscuits and related snacks to either dog.

The main problem with snacks and table scraps, IMO, is the extra crap like sauces. My dad used to feed his poor fat dog whole sandwiches, and I really wanted to kill him sometimes about it, but I really couldn't babysit a 60 year old man all the time so he didn't give the dog diabetes. The dog ended up dying of kidney failure at 10 years old, 90 pounds. It was a border collie mix and should have weighed about 45 pounds. Anyway, this is why I don't feed my dogs cake and candy and sandwiches: it's bad for dogs. The dog also had lifelong skin conditions.

As for grains, they aren't built for them, but some apparently deal with them well enough. I tried a variety of foods with my dogs when they were younger because that can supposedly make it easier to transition if you have to change foods later. I also give them plenty of plain, unseasoned meat and fish (like boiled chicken, no salt, sauces,etc). I give them half an egg once a week, and fish on Fridays (I joke that they're Catholic).
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