Animals on the ark
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20-05-2014, 06:57 PM
RE: Animals on the ark
(20-05-2014 09:40 AM)theophilus Wrote:  After the flood there would have been uprooted trees and other debris floating on the water. There would have been plenty of places the raven could land.

Thats not if the raven was eaten by a animal that could tolerate both fresh and salt water. Not only that but what happen to the trees anyway.
Only if the land remained flat. I believe I included this link in my previous post.

Quote:If the ark was strong enough survival wouldn't have been a problem. The ride might have been rough but there was no danger of colliding with anything.
How strong? What was the wood made of? The strongest wood is Quebracho, and even buildings made out of it can fall at the power of a normal storm. The ark was made of gopher wood, which is said to be made out of cypress, which is weaker. There is no wood yet to be found strong enough to survive a storm that bad.

Quote:What is more likely to happen isn't always what actually happens. If you buy a lottery ticket it is more likely that you are throwing your money away than that you will win a jackpot, but some people who buy lottery tickets do win jackpots.

This is true, however we are dealing more with evidence of science than with something like the lottery. This situation is based on evidence, so the objection of jeff here is more towards what makes more sense the story that is said to be true with no evidence, or that the evidence points that it was made up like all flood stories around the world.
Quote:The dinosaurs would have had to be babies because there is no way adult dinosaurs would have fit in the ark. If the dinosaurs were babies then it seems likely the other animals were too.

This is a bigger problem. Some animals like elephants are dependent on their parents when they grow up. Some animals need their parents to guide them into adult hood. You can argue that noah and his family could have raised them but humans aren't elephants. So the knowledge elephants have about how they act is much more different than how humans saw it in the past. Not to mention baby animals would grow up not knowing how to act. To add this destroys your animals walking towards the ark because some baby animals don't know how to navigate without their parents, and resorting to god lead them is begging the question because there is no evidence for that(like this whole flood ordealDodgy )

Quote:God kept the lions from eating Daniel; he could keep a bear from attacking someone who was taking her cubs.

God also sent bears to attack some one. No where did it mention god stopping the animals from eating each other. Most creationist say that animals where all herbivorous until after the flood, but when the flood is over than animals could eat other animals, meaning that the sloths and penguins are doomed.

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20-05-2014, 10:57 PM
RE: Animals on the ark
(19-05-2014 03:00 PM)WindyCityJazz Wrote:  Brendan O'Carroll playing Mrs. Brown explains it all here:

O'Carroll is actually a member of Mensa...



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