Animation , Feminism, and the Mutation of Anti-Feminist
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03-08-2013, 05:08 AM
RE: Animation , Feminism, and the Mutation of Anti-Feminist
Just to jump in for fun...
Feminism ideological dogmatic sexist nonsense.

The video "Is BMO From Adventure Time Expressive of Feminism?" is wrong.

For example Bubbles are not feminine because it "sounds" feminine. Words are hugely synesthesic. ie, there are a lot of senses that are involved. A bubble is femine because it s soft, round, etc which is taken from sight, feel, sound.

The idea of gender is ridiculous the way that the feminist world view presents it and is contradictory. You can't say Transexuals (the feeling that you are the wrong sex because you have traits relating to another sex which is what gender is) without admitting that gender is natural, not cultural. If gender is cultural then transgender/sexual is a choice and therefor open to criticism as to whether it is right or wrong on moral grounds and is not discrimination under any constitution and you could make an argument against transgenders/sexuals.

So we are left with gender not being "cultural" in the sense that feminists argue, but biological and thus all this rebuffing gender roles stuff is not only nonsense it is hateful as it implicitly argues that something that we are born with is wrong and evil... oh wait, excuse me, the minority of us are wrong, because in feminism masculinity is always presented as negative, hateful, mean, oppressive, brutish, etc while femininity is always presented as positive, innocent, intelligent, oppressed, beautiful, etc.

Both, the idolization and demonization, are sexist views btw because with the idolization of women comes the idea that women aren't responsible for their actions and should be treated as children. While the demonization of men casts men as incapable of controlling their impulses and likewise infantilizes them in mentality. Where women simply don't know any better, men, even though they know better, aren't mature enough to see that it is wrong to wrong things.

As for the Pay gap. Anyone on this site should be intelligent enough to realize what a load that is and shouldn't be falling for it. It's like saying, "we have this book that says Israelites were in Egypt that were enslaved and we have these massive structures called Pyramids in Egypt that I would want to work on that took decades to built, so the Israelites must have built the Pyramids" ignoring that the Israelites weren't ever enslaved in Egypt and we know the Pyramids were built by people who chose to work on them as a way to pay their taxes. In this same way the pay gap is completely and utterly wrong.

The first thing is that when someone talks about that they are not talking about if you and I have the same experience and such and go for the same job we will get different salaries (which there is a pay gap there, it's actually averages out to 1.04 to 1.13 that women are paid more than men). What it is talking about is if you took any random group of say 1000 women and 1000 men. Generally speaking men would make more money than the women. Sexism you say. Nope. We know why this difference exists. Women chose work that pays less, work fewer hours, work fewer years, take more time off, require more insurance, pose more of a risk, work less risky jobs, work less over time, etc, etc, etc. There is something like 25 choices that when taken into account for so that we're at the closest Woman to Man comparison that we can make, women come out ahead most times.

The next argument after this, because you likely ignored everything after, women takes jobs that pay less, is that well that's just because jobs that pay less are jobs traditionally held by women, not that they should be paid less. To that end Canada proved you wrong. They took two jobs, one that was woman dominated(building cleaner of some kind) and one that was male dominated (construction working) that they figured were roughly equivalent work and enforced a law where they would be paid the same. Guess what happened. Men, who didn't like risking their lives and seeing that there was this really cushy job that would pay them the same price for less work and less risk all went and took the traditionally female job... And few if any women went to work in the male dominated job... So what are the laws of supply and demand? As supply goes up and demand goes down price goes down and as supply goes down and demand goes up prices go up... and thus showing that male dominated work is worth more.

But there is actually a more serious issue (at least economically) that you need to account for that you and feminist ignore for all this talk of pay gap. What's that you ask? OH well golly gosh, The spending gap. Women spend 70% of the disposable income in the USA. You're what? Do the math. How are women spending 70% of the disposable income? And if I were to accept you pay gap nonsense it would just make this worse.

If a man and women make the same and have the same necessary expenditures then it would be impossible for women to spend 70% of the disposable income because at most, without the "pay gap" they'd only have 50% of that amount and with it they'd have less than 40%. This means that women are spending money that they some how are getting from men. I would call this a step removed from slavery, only taking that step once marriage is initiated, because once a marriage is initiated courts and no fault divorce pretty much means that a man has his money taken from him forcibly by the court and given to the woman. Though the word may sound harsh, the analogy when taken into account with the big picture that was created by feminism is slavery.

Just about any topic that you can bring up that you think supports feminism I can debunk as very sexist, very hateful of everyone, generally followed very dogmatically, and more often than not wrong and actually a great detriment to to society.

I'm sure you'll say I'm a misogynist (PC for disagrees with and points out how messed up feminism is) and need to get to the back of bus, I mean line, I mean check my privilege...I always get the bigoted bull mixed up.

just one last thing though as I know someone will say "Feminism is about equal rights!" and someone might even saying "It says so on wikipedia and a dictionary" which I kindly must point out that it's amazing that you can say in the same breath that feminism is for equality and some feminists are for castrating men and killing male babies. Some feminists are for equality, some are for inferiority, and some are for superiority. They are for women's rights and that is their flaw, just like the flaw of the MRM is that it's for men's rights and humanism only really takes into account humans, and egalitarianism is kinda dumb because we're not all equal provably and treating people as the same when they aren't is idiotic. The problem is that even of the best of all those groups and in those groups, they're still approaching a topic that needs to be addressed in an honest and all encompassing way, but they refused to do so and stick with their bias, even if they believe that we should be treated fairly and such, they're still wrong at the base.
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