Annoyed and abroad
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03-08-2015, 11:26 PM
RE: Annoyed and abroad
(03-08-2015 07:43 AM)Hafnof Wrote:  VPN is your friend in China. Have you experienced the lack of seatbelts in taxis? Overall I found both Xi'an and Nanjing friendly and had no complaints. It's somewhat embarrassing being a fully grown functionally illiterate man but one that pride is swallowed I think there isn't much I would change about my experiences there.

Seatbelts? Laugh out load What are those? People who think that chinese drivers in the US are horrible need to actually come here. It is scary. I was once on the highway here and after narrowly missiing a guy on a bike, we almost hit a bulldozer that was doing road construction. No warning signs, signals, caution, nothing. I don't worry about the communication part so much. I understand Mandarin well enough to get around. Not sure where I can get a vpn now.

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