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21-01-2012, 04:26 PM
I've just watched a documentation and a few clips about anorexia.
I knew a bit about it before. I've been on that point myself but I was already an adult and I realized that I had a problem and got help before it became life threatening.

What is worrying is that the age of people having it is getting younger and younger.
The documentation was about an 8 year old! And I am stunned. When I was 8 I didn't care about my weight, I didn't care about my food as long as I got some. I was picky with the fat on meat but that was pretty much my only thing and not worrying. I had problems, serious problems but I never felt the need to stop eating.
But those children... I don't understand really.
Is it really media that makes the big difference? Because when I was that age I watched TV and I heard teenagers talk about weight, I just didn't care about it.
Billboards with thin models and the barbie dolls? Magazines? TV, Internet? Is that the reason?
This disease has been around for a long time already. Did the numbers really increase and are they really getting younger or are people just reporting it more nowadays and parents take it more serious?
How can children have so much pressure and worries already to get a disease like that? I mean this is a mental and very serious disease and I wonder how a kid can get it! I know they have to study a lot more nowadays and that already gives lots of pressure but on the other hand they are used to it from the beginning, it's nothing new to them so they shouldn't have that much a problem with it. We only normally have problems with things that are out of the order (in the place we live).

Can anyone bring a bit clearity into this? I am just puzzled right now...

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21-01-2012, 06:26 PM
RE: Anorexia
In my opinion, it is getting worse.

This article has changed my life. It is a lengthy read but worth it.

It is from the view point of a portrait photographer who is recovering from body dismorphia.

I fear for my daughters. I want them to feel beautiful for how and who they are, and to not feel out of control in the way media and social situations can create.

As far as media, I don't think it used to be that bad. In the 50's there were anti skinny adds (how to gain weight). When it was a film industry, there was some touching up, but nothing like today. Now, EVERYONE can touch photos up so everyone DOES. I see it all day long on other boards and forums I belong to in regards to photography. Birthmarks taken out, skin made flawless, waists are made tinier from kids to Grandmas. It's unreal!

Magazine models are PSed to have the boney look removed, but the shape their body creates is there. So the end product we see a shape we are supposed to want but is impossible without having the bones that we didn't know were there, showing. Wow. Over and over again, daily we see this projected constantly. TV, magazines, billboards, internet. It is constant. How can that NOT affect our psyche? And guess who watches and uses the media the most? Kids.
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