Another obvious reason that God is man-made
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11-05-2012, 09:53 AM
RE: Another obvious reason that God is man-made
(10-05-2012 01:13 AM)ddrew Wrote:  Okay .. now granted times are rough here in the U.S. .... unemployment is outragious at the moment... alot of people losing their homes and so on...
I currently have a part time job.. (after struggling 2 years to find this current job).. and some dude with a black name tag decided to interrogate / pry / snoop / annoy me about my life and blessings.... my religion...
I proudly announced that I was an atheist..
He said .. "your blessings would be so much if you just had faith"....
I said... "are you employed right now?"
He answered "no."
I said ..." wow.. your God has really blessed you hasn't he... "
He is unemployed because god has a special plan for him. He should pray for god to reveal this plan, but be patient as god moves in his own time. So, if he starves to death while living under an overpass it was god's will. If he wins the lottery tomorrow it was god's will. If someone beats and robs him god is showing him how to be humble.
...and the best part, he feels sorry for you because you don't understand this.

(10-05-2012 05:29 PM)Hafnof Wrote:  Theists have the moral argument, that we can identify some absolute moral standard and such a standard must have a standard giver.
Atheists have the "immoral" argument, that the god of the Bible is not perfectly moral and therefore must not be that standard giver. If the "moral" argument is true, then the god of the Bible is not God.
Nice point.
David Hume said that all morals are simply a matter of taste.
The proof is the abortion debate in the states.
Both pro and con believe to have the absolute moral high ground.
They are both correct from their personal moral positions.
They are both wrong in claiming an objective moral standard.

The old gods are dead, let's invent some new ones before something really bad happens.
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