Another way to look at evolution
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19-04-2013, 06:57 PM
RE: Another way to look at evolution
(19-04-2013 04:50 PM)Chas Wrote:  Several of us showed the flaws in your understanding of probability, but you shrug it off.

You try to reverse burden of proof.

Your argument about evolutionary systems is just silly. You think a tautology is meaningful.

I will no longer try to convince you of any of this. Carry on.

I don't shrug it off. I consider criticism and ether accept it or reject it. In the probability thread as I recall only Jakel put forth a valuable criticism. The rest of you were just plain wrong.

I don't think you understand what a tautology is as evidenced by your inability to use my own words to show the tautology. If you do understand your just using it as a straw man.
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