Anti Choice the satire
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07-08-2016, 01:15 PM
Anti Choice the satire
Hello all since quite i few like the first one of these decided to do some more Smile

This time getting on one pet peeves anti abortion advocates who are generally either men who have no business in a woman bodily affairs. Or woman who want to rob other woman of there autonomy but would not likely accept such suppression if it were another bodily function. So without further ado.

1. Life begins at conception because of course sperm and eggs are lifeless inorganic rocks that magically come to life after mommy and daddy do the multi layered tango and the sperm and egg merge. May i suggest a biology book where Jesus is not riding a T Rex

2. We grant corporations person hood therefore we should give wades of flesh the same.In fact now we have the possibility of just calling whatever we like a person. We can call rivers people(this has been done). We can call gorilla's people(some want to do this). We can even say cows are people( some want to do this to quick get rid of your steak you might be charged with assessory to murder). But hey it's not like were attacking traditional marriage or anything after all it's a slippery slope to from letting gays marry to marry toaster ovens.

3.It might someday be a baby so therefore we should be protected as such.Just like we should protect every slab of marble because one day it might be sculpted into a national treasure .

4. But God said blah blah blah blah blah

5.It has a soul i mean i can't show that it has one and it leads to all sorts of weird paradoxes but i absolutely sure it has one

6. But it has unique DNA i mean i know cancer dose too but the fetus is sacred God said that Blah Blah

7. I believe abortion is murder but won't demand the death penalty from woman who actively seek one

8. What about the unthinking blob of fleshes desires and feelings that it doesn't have ?

Anything i miss Laugh out load

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