Anti-Homosexuality In The Bible a Mistranslation?
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13-12-2012, 12:57 PM
Anti-Homosexuality In The Bible a Mistranslation?
I think most Christian's are completely going up the wrong tree when it comes to anti-homosexuality. Considering that the bible is a translation from the original language many errors can be made obviously. So basing the word of God, from the translated word of man, seems a bit ridiculous, not to mention if God really wanted his message out there, wouldn't he give his word to people of all languages?

Anyway, I don't think Christian's are supposed to be anti-gay, since from what I have read of the bible, there is only a brief verse on 'thou shalt not lay with another man', but mostly it is anti forced sodomy (Prison rape for example, it is a show of dominance rather than love making.) Since back in Jacob's time, there was a lot of forced sodomy just like the environment of a prison. So it's very likely that there is a mistranslation where it was meant to be anti-forced sodomy rather than consensual homosexuality. It can be easily confused. I think it might be interesting thing to bring up when talking to Christians.
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