Anti-Homosexuality In The Bible a Mistranslation?
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20-01-2013, 06:11 PM
RE: Anti-Homosexuality In The Bible a Mistranslation?
(13-12-2012 12:57 PM)FZUMedia Wrote:  I think most Christian's are completely going up the wrong tree when it comes to anti-homosexuality. Considering that the bible is a translation from the original language many errors can be made obviously. So basing the word of God, from the translated word of man, seems a bit ridiculous, not to mention if God really wanted his message out there, wouldn't he give his word to people of all languages?

Anyway, I don't think Christian's are supposed to be anti-gay, since from what I have read of the bible, there is only a brief verse on 'thou shalt not lay with another man', but mostly it is anti forced sodomy (Prison rape for example, it is a show of dominance rather than love making.) Since back in Jacob's time, there was a lot of forced sodomy just like the environment of a prison. So it's very likely that there is a mistranslation where it was meant to be anti-forced sodomy rather than consensual homosexuality. It can be easily confused. I think it might be interesting thing to bring up when talking to Christians.

Mostly anti forced sodomu?

Come off it, the Bible states Lot gave his daughter to the sodomites. Hardly consentual sex! Weeping
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