Anxiety Meds
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24-01-2018, 10:13 PM
RE: Anxiety Meds
(24-01-2018 05:46 PM)Leerob Wrote:  Interesting how fast I could recover from the panic attack on Sunday. Today I was fine again. Usually with a panic attack of the level from Sunday, it would impact me for 5-7 days. Now it was only 3 days...

I'm really pleased to hear that Rob... as a person who used to suffer blinding panic attacks. Thumbsup

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30-01-2018, 03:57 AM
RE: Anxiety Meds
Sounds like you're doing well Rob. Take it easy, as it can take time to get used to the medication properly. For example, the first time I was on it, it took a long while before I noticed it was working. In fact, I only noticed the major differences when I came off it, so this time around (which is the third of fourth time I've been on these meds now) I can really see the differences in myself and how it effects others.

Panic attack wise, it really does help with that. More recently I'd been having them in my sleep, thus waking up in a panic and basically being like that all day. I'm not having them at the moment, and I'm dosed up on my meds, so that's something I can be thankful for Smile

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