Any Suggestions For Parenting Books?
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12-02-2013, 10:37 PM
Any Suggestions For Parenting Books?
I have been doing a lot of "soul searching" the last few weeks. I realize I happened to come on here not only to get to know other people who think similar as I do, but also for my son.

I've been reading and watching too many hate-filled posts and videos regarding religious people and how they "hate" atheists. It concerns me that I never thought about what I would do to raise my child a free thinker. (I've only recently started using that in my vocabulary.) The other day, he asked what church was. I told him that is where some people go to be with others who believe as they do.

I don't want my son to be hated. I don't want him to feel like he doesn't belong. Children are so honest and can be so mean. I don't want him alienated from his peers. I see more people open about their religious faiths than I do people who are open about their not believing in a God. They have a "back up" with so many people to support them in raising their child in the faith they choose. I don't feel that I have that.

I'm looking to get some suggestions on books or articles regarding raising children without faith. I think I'm doing an amazing job so far because he is more polite and courteous than a lot of children I see... (I'm not just being biased because he's my son.) He loves to ask questions; I just want to be able to answer them more confidently.

"It was life, often unsatisfying, frequently cruel, usually boring, sometimes beautiful, once in awhile exhilarating." -Stephen King
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