Any advice?
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07-05-2012, 10:31 PM
RE: Any advice?
As a former teenage male I would like to say that we are not all complete horny fucktards.
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07-05-2012, 11:25 PM
RE: Any advice?
(07-05-2012 06:49 PM)Hughsie Wrote:  Come on guys. I'm completely against this as well but cut him a little slack.

He's young and naive (well, slightly younger and naiver than me) and under huge social pressure to get laid. Plus his hormones will be screaming out for it, just like the rest of us, and he's still learning to control it.

I'm not saying we should encourage his attitude, just that we should be a little more understanding and guiding.

Or of course, we could put on this massive charade and pretend that none of us cared that much about sex at 16, even those of us who were virgins at that age, and condemn him to the bottom of Hell. Not really sure what that's achieving though other than to score us some cheap, ill-deserved brownie points with the ladies of the forum and making him less likely to listen to advice to not risk hurting this girl.

Just my two cents on the topic Smile.

I have no interest in impressing the ladies- I'm married and uninterested, and I couldn't impress them anyway. I'm a little offended that you think that this is what it's about.

No slack on this one. The kid can learn to be a decent human being and not a total douche bag. He's lying about being a religious person just to get in her pants. Moreover, he's clearly intent on only getting in her pants and is not interest in her as a person in the slightest. He's doubled-down on the douchebaggery. Being a horny teenager isn't license to be a shithead. You treat all people with some measure of respect- male or female.

My advice would be to tell her the truth, tell her what he's really interested in, and let her decide what she really wants out of the relationship. He's already decided what he wants, she should get to decide on a level playing field. Better yet, just stop giving a shit about getting laid and not being a virgin. Live life and enjoy it without worrying about this shit. It'll happen when it happens.
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