Any history buffs know about the church's rise to power?
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11-09-2012, 09:35 AM
RE: Any history buffs know about the churches rise to power?
(11-09-2012 01:29 AM)Buddy Christ Wrote:  I'm probably going to research it eventually, but I wanted to see how much you kind folks knew first. I've read about the origin of Christianity/Catholicism and its clash with Islam and the Crusades and such. But I never figured out how the church and the pope went from a cultural belief system to the "my word is the law" power of the Vatican. Back in the day, if my affinity for turn-based war games proves accurate, to be ex-communicated as a nation was to be exiled (figuratively) on an island of solitude. Politically and economically, no one would help you or acknowledge you. You sat alone at the lunch table as bullies picked on you at will. Inquisitors were seemingly above the law and were the self-appointed global authority. For a while, the Vatican was like the mafia, and you couldn't do anything unless they approved it first.

Now, HOW did it get to that? Was the Catholic church just piggybacking on the power of Rome (hence the notorious sect of Roman Catholic)? But from what I understand, the Holy Roman Empire was German and neither Holy nor Roman nor an Empire. I'd best stop speaking now before I reveal myself to be speaking from a historically bereft mind.

Sub-question, when did it STOP being the puppet master of the world? People laugh at the pope and his funny hat these days without the fear that one used to incur.

This is complicated, and long, but I will try to summarize, as much as I can. If you want to get more detailed I can skype with you or something.

Christianity started out like the other "mystery religions" and Zoroastrianism. The Roman Republic didn't really give a shit what you believed as long as you also 'worshiped' Roman Gods (to them it was kind of like respecting the flag of your country). The majority of Christians were persecuted by the Romans though because THEIR God said, those other Gods suck, only worship me or you'll go to hell. After a long time of this happening, finally a couple of Roman Emperors (Octavius aka Augustus especially). The State Religion became Christianity, and wouldn't you know it? God gave Peter akak St. Peter permission to control the gates of heaven (Peter being the Head Mother Fucker In Charge of Christianity in Rome). So after Pete croaked the church decided that that power wasn't only ole' Petes, but whoever had that position. Since the HMIC of Rome got his power from the one true God, that always beats other powers, like the ones given to Kings. The King might be able to kill you, but your soul was controlled by the HMIC of Rome (ask the Pope). After the Pope gave people power (like to Clovis, a Germanic leader of Modern day France and Germany, Italy) for converting Barbarians from Paganism to Christianity by force, or killing them if they refused. Well it eventually got really political, and the Church had split in two when the Roman Empire did creating the Orthodox Church in what was the Eastern Roman Empire. French Kings got powerful and wanted to have a Pope, then there was two Popes for a while, causing a lot of doubt, then the Pope at the urgency of the leader of the Orthodox Church leader helped them slaughter Muslims from Persia for not allowing them to do their pilgrimages and threatening Byzantium aka Constantinople. Pope saw this as a possible way to reunite the Orthodox with the Catholics starting the crusades. Then a few hundred years after the whole two pope SNAFU the King of England got pissed at the Pope because he wouldn't let him annul his marriage so he could have an heir declared he was kind of the Pope of his country cause God gave him his power too creating the Church of England. Then there was also Martin Luther who wanted to reform the Catholics, but then the Pope tried to have him killed for not following his rules. A bunch of folks though Martin was right causing more and more splintering. Eventually the Pope lost more and more power. The End.

I tried to condense over 2,000 years of history into a paragraph so I left a lot out. Like I said, if you wanna skype or something I could give you more info but to really understand it all you'd need to read a history book

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