Any homesteaders here?
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20-07-2017, 01:52 AM
Any homesteaders here?
Wasn't really sure where to put this topic, since it's food, it's skills, it's animals, it's lifestyle.
After wasting most of my life, at least the first 40 years of it, in a heavily urbanised area I decided to pull the plug, leave the ratrace and move to a very rural area in another country. This year is the 4th year we are trying to build a homestead, grow our own veggies and fruit, have chickens and bees and chop wood for cooking and washing. We have gone back to a much more basic lifestyle, but it isn't easy.
For one thing there's this vicious paradox that you need money in order to live without it. You need to buy land, a house, tools and plants and in order to get those you need a job. But this lifestyle and a job do not match, because there simply is not enough time. Especially during the summer period.
And it takes a while before you can provide for your family, so an income again is needed.

Anyone else who is fighting the system for (an illusion of) freedom?

Breaking free from the shackles of current systems of economy, politics and legislation is neigh impossible.
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20-07-2017, 06:41 AM
RE: Any homesteaders here?
I was not exactly homesteading, but in 1976 I fulfilled my goal of moving to a small, rural hilltown in order to pursue country living. I bought a rustic, mountainside home in a wooded area, along with a tractor and chainsaw. Within a year I had converted the house entirely to wood heat, having purchased two handsome, antique woodstoves. About 2/3 of my property is wooded and easily supplied most of my firewood. It was only due to advancing age and arthritis that, 36 years later, I had to revert back to oil heat.

The original owner had constructed a few stone retaining walls around the property. Some were unfinished, others badly in need of repair. I was soon restoring the walls and discovered that I really enjoyed it. I spent the next 37 years extending these walls and constructing new ones of my own. I quarried most of the stone from numerous ledges on the mountain behind my house.
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20-07-2017, 07:19 AM
RE: Any homesteaders here?
This would actually be my dream situation. Kudos to you for actually doing it Thumbsup It does sound like a lot of hard work, but in some ways there's a simplicity to that type of lifestyle. That combination just sounds amazing to me.

Also, Welcome to TTA Smile

"Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and stars mirrored in your own being." -Rumi
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