Anyone else feel like tearing their hair out?
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18-01-2013, 06:49 PM
RE: Anyone else feel like tearing their hair out?
I recommend calm, unemotional Socratic questioning. Once you've cornered them with their own illogic, they will never breach the subject with you again. On the other hand, if you respond with aggression, you will do the entire atheist community a disservice by giving them a reasonably valid reason to say that atheists are mean and belligerent.

Also, when someone is able to incite anger/emotion in you simply by bringing up a topic... it's a pretty good indicator that you suffer some dissonance about the subject. For instance, if someone comes up to me and tries to convince me that I need to travel to the moon on a bicycle, I don't get bothered. If they start needling me about the fact that I need to quit smoking, that provokes an emotional reaction in me because I know I need to quit smoking. So, if you're that bothered by religion, perhaps you're not that convinced that gods don't exist?
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