Apollonius Tyaneus
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03-05-2016, 10:38 AM
Apollonius Tyaneus
I came across a discussion today on FB about this man. I had never heard of him and I did a quick search here to see if he had been discussed and came up empty. Apparently he's another of the many characters Jesus could be based upon and more interesting to me is that he actually lived rather than the other comparisons to mythical beings.

From Wikipedia:

Biblical scholar Bart D. Ehrman relates that in the introduction to his textbook on the New Testament, he describes an important figure from the first century without first revealing he is writing about Apollonius of Tyana:

Even before he was born, it was known that he would be someone special. A supernatural being informed his mother the child she was to conceive would not be a mere mortal but would be divine. He was born miraculously, and he became an unusually precocious young man. As an adult he left home and went on an itinerant preaching ministry, urging his listeners to live, not for the material things of this world, but for what is spiritual. He gathered a number of disciples around him, who became convinced that his teachings were divinely inspired, in no small part because he himself was divine. He proved it to them by doing many miracles, healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead. But at the end of his life he roused opposition, and his enemies delivered him over to the Roman authorities for judgment. Still, after he left this world, he returned to meet his followers in order to convince them that he was not really dead but lived on in the heavenly realm. Later some of his followers wrote books about him.[17]

Ehrman goes on to explain that Apollonius was a real person and that his followers believed Jesus to be a fraud.

Sossianus Hierocles argued in the 3rd century that the doctrines and the life of Apollonius were more valuable than those of Christ, a viewpoint reportedly held by both Voltaire and Charles Blount during the Age of Enlightenment.[18] In his 1909 book The Christ, John Remsburg postulated that the religion of Appolonius disappeared because the proper conditions for its development did not exist. Buddhism, Christianity and Islam thrived however, because the existing conditions were favorable.[19] In his 1949 book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, comparative mythology scholar Joseph Campbell lists both Apollonius and Jesus as examples of individuals who shared similar hero stories, along with Krishna, Buddha and others.[20] Similarly, Robert M. Price in his 2011 The Christ-Myth Theory and its Problems, notes that the ancients often compared Jesus with Apollonius and that they both fit the mythic hero archetype.[21] G. K. Chesterton (the writer and Christian apologist), however, noted that the unique trial, suffering and death of Christ stand in stark opposition to the stories about Apollonius which he felt were very likely spurious.[22]

Similarities shared by Apollonius and Jesus [23]

Birth miraculously announced by God
Religiously precocious as a child
Asserted to be a native speaker of Aramaic
Influenced by Plato/ reflected Platonism (Jesus)
[Renounced/ denounced (Jesus)] wealth
Followed abstinence and asceticism
Wore long hair and robes
Were unmarried and childless
Were anointed with oil
Went to Jerusalem
Spoke in [metaphors/ parables] (Jesus)
Saw and predicted the future
Performed miracles
Healed the sick
Cast out evil spirits/ Drove out demons (Jesus)
Raised the daughter of a [Roman official/ Jewish official (Jesus)] from the dead
Spoke as a "law-giver"
Was on a mission to bring [Greek culture/ Jewish culture (Jesus)] to [the "barbarians"/ the " nations" (Jesus)]
Believed to be "saviors" from heaven
Were accused of being a magician
Were accused of killing a boy
Condemned [by Roman emperor/ by Roman authorities (Jesus)]
Imprisoned [at Rome/ at Jerusalem (Jesus)]
Was assumed into heaven/ Ascended into heaven (Jesus)
Appeared posthumously to a detractor as a brilliant light
Had his image revered [in temples/ in churches (Jesus)]

Does anyone else here know about Apollonius?
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03-05-2016, 01:19 PM
RE: Apollonius Tyaneus
Meh, it sounds to me like someone was trying to sow seeds of doubt to the later generations. Satan maybe?

"If we are honest—and scientists have to be—we must admit that religion is a jumble of false assertions, with no basis in reality.
The very idea of God is a product of the human imagination."
- Paul Dirac
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03-05-2016, 01:31 PM
RE: Apollonius Tyaneus
I knew about him, but Mark Fulton probably knows a lot more. I'm sure he will tell us about him. I knew they had similar stories, but never THAT similar. What I never knew was, that there are stories about him (as there are in some myths of Jesus) going to India. Now THAT is pretty freaky similar. Facepalm

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03-05-2016, 11:27 PM
RE: Apollonius Tyaneus
(03-05-2016 10:38 AM)OceanTherapist Wrote:  Does anyone else here know about Apollonius?

Yes. Not much though. He was mentioned in Paweł Michalak book If god exist as another Jesus figure.

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