Apology to all
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26-01-2015, 05:09 PM (This post was last modified: 26-01-2015 10:45 PM by dirtstar.)
Apology to all
My open apology-

After combing through the TTA pod cast archives (I have only known of this site and pod cast for maybe 6 months now?) today at work I settled on the "I'm an atheist but I'm not out" show. I almost cried listening to the stories and the callers tell their stories themselves. I apologize for sounding crass and unforgiving regarding theists and de-converted theists. I actually feel ashamed. I'll do better to understand having listened to that pod cast.

I admit until recently marrying and having kids myself I was a bit of a hippy and didn't understand the point in finding someone with your own ideals or ideology. My roommate, who was Pentecostal, once broke up with his girlfriend because they realized they were different denominations. The look on my face when he told me was one of utter disbelief. True story. I said "Who the fuck cares? You two love each other and couldn't be better matched. You'll figure that shit out later!" My opinion was that you should rise above all dogmas and anything else if you truly love each other. I now realize what they avoided. The two different families beliefs. Which church would they go to? Which denomination would they choose to go with and who's side of the family would be crushed? So in other words who would step forward to be disowned by their own? And the zinger... what will we teach our kids? I didn't understand any of that until I got married and had kids myself.

I understand now wholeheartedly. I am in a worse situation myself than what they avoided in that I, the atheist since 5 years old, married an Oklahoma girl with family who are extremely religious. They pray every time we have a meal, they talk about God, they put my kids in front of religious cartoons and place a bible nearby so they can refer to it when my kids ask questions. They even single out the kids on holiday's and ask them what Christmas is about then have the talk. I was one to never care about having the discussion because I wasn't inflicted with anything. I never cared... until I had kids. Now I know what everyone else has been challenged with.

I guess I lived a charmed life and was able to choose for myself what I wanted to believe. I would've never thought I would research religions and be interested in atheist pod casts and so on. I pretty much kept to myself regarding my atheistic beliefs and truly loved everyone no matter what they believed. That's why I didn't understand why my roommate and his girlfriend would break up over different dogmas despite their being so happy together. Once I had kids I just assumed the religious would respect the fact that my kids are my kids not theirs and that they wouldn't try to spread their religion to my kids. When I started to find out what they were doing I was shocked. Why would someone be so ridiculous? I now know WAY more than I ever wanted to about theism and atheism. I didn't even know I was considered an atheist until recently to be honest because when that word came up in the past I just didn't give a damn what it meant and as with everything else I didn't give a damn about... I didn't care to find out. Well now I know.

Having said all of that again I'm sorry if I've come across rude or judgmental. As you know a lot of it was dictated by my circumstances but poorly coped with and for that I do apologize. Seth Andrews my man you sir are a hero as far as I'm concerned. I couldn't imagine having to face all that you have but know you are making a huge impact in many lives. I myself, I will do a better job understanding the epidemic this really is and how families everywhere are torn by ideals.
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26-01-2015, 05:15 PM
RE: Apology to all
Yabut, who are you? Perhaps you missed the memo which separates TTA from TTA forum. If you want our forgiveness, you gotta be. Whole new asshole. Thumbsup

living word
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26-01-2015, 06:08 PM
RE: Apology to all
we live, we learn.
when you know better, you do better.

its all about learning and growing. today you learned this, what will you learn tomorrow?

"Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing"--Helen Keller
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26-01-2015, 09:51 PM
RE: Apology to all
Wait until he gets a load of me.

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