Are all cultures equal?
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07-03-2016, 05:46 AM
RE: Are all cultures equal?
(07-03-2016 05:24 AM)WhiskeyDebates Wrote:  
(06-03-2016 02:50 PM)Matt Finney Wrote:  So, if someone had a desire for harm, both for themselves and others, then tribalism would be superior, correct?
Define superior.

That's exactly the problem. We can't objectively describe "superior". In the same way we cant objectively say if one painting is better than another. It's a matter of personal preference. For example: Is a vegan society better than a society that eats animals? Is a society that performs no abortions better than one that does? Is a society that performs no infanticide better than one that does? Is a society that treats women as lower citizens objectively worse than one that doesn't? What should the age of sexual consent be, 16, 18, 21? All of these things are merely matters of personal preference and we can't objectively say that any of them are better than another. We can say "I like (or prefer) this one more than that one," but that's about it.
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