Are all of humanity's problems caused by fear?
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14-01-2013, 10:51 PM
Are all of humanity's problems caused by fear?
So I'm sitting here thinking about why humans do the things they do. Why do we fight and argue and threaten violence and mock and demean and feel depressed and hopeless? I believe fear is the basis for everything wrong with an individual's and consequently the collective world's problematic behaviors. Fear. People are insecure about who they are and are frightened to discover the truth. Men posture and peacock and pick fights because they are insecure about their manhood and feelings they are afraid to confront. Maybe a parent left when they were little and they feel abandoned and rather than discuss their insecurities, they build a protective wall of violence because they are afraid of what happens when that wall crumbles.

We are insecure about our sexuality, our age, our physique, our imperfections. We live miserable lives because we are afraid to test the boundaries of our limitations. We don't want to know that we can't do something and so we don't apply ourselves fully. To give a complete effort and to fail would be devastating and so we work jobs that are beneath us. We put off finishing that college degree. Instead of pushing ourselves physically and finding out how strong we are, we blame genetics and take the easy way out. We are afraid of failure.

We are afraid of death and so we have created make-believe fantasy worlds called religion. We have constructed pleasurable eternal lives that transcend death and then we embrace this comfort belief so fiercely that we go to war when others challenge it. We are so afraid of death that we would rather kill another human being than accept the harsh finite truth.

There is an element of fear at the basis of every immoral behavior.

"Ain't got no last words to say, yellow streak right up my spine. The gun in my mouth was real and the taste blew my mind."

"We see you cry. We turn your head. Then we slap your face. We see you try. We see you fail. Some things never change."
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Are all of humanity's problems caused by fear? - Buddy Christ - 14-01-2013 10:51 PM
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