Are theists morally challenged more so than atheists?
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23-10-2014, 07:27 PM
RE: Are theists morally challenged more so than atheists?
If you mean it as in theists face more moral dilemmas in life then I'd say absolutely not... Religion takes away many moral obligations. None more so than Christianity, which almost literally says you can be a complete bastard your whole life, so long as you repent before you check out.

Religious "morality" invariably tends to focus on issues that are either of no relevance, or are nobody else's business... In other words, sex. When faced with a very real moral issue relating to sex, religion has a track record of either turning a blind eye, or actively making the situation worse (cough: Catholicism).

Besides sex, religion doesn't seem to give a shit about anything else... They take sides in wars, and they pay no taxes... Religious leaders demand that followers make donations to charitable causes, and live piously, while they enjoy unimaginable wealth and pay no taxes, and make no contribution to anything.

So religions, as organizations, are morally dead... They have nothing useful to contribute to any discussion of morality. In fact, they're so useless at morality, that they themselves are under severe scrutiny.



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