Are there any former Quakers on TTA?
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28-12-2015, 08:33 PM
RE: Are there any former Quakers on TTA?
(27-12-2015 02:23 PM)Tartarus Sauce Wrote:  My dad's side is Quaker and I used to attend services when I was younger for the exposure and was also involved with the Youth Group. Quakerism is actually rather varied in its branches and is all over the place politically and theologically, but the main segment of Quakerism is indeed highly liberal in its theology and activism work. Their services are boring as fuck though, even more so than regular church services, and their weddings are similarly dull. Since there aren't any clergymen to formalize the structure of the proceedings, Quaker meeting consists of the congregation sitting in the group in silence and having a member occasionally stand up every now and then to say their piece. That goes on for an hour or two.

They're good people though, they're more focused on helping the community than they are on proselytizing.

So a Quaker wedding is when they all just sit there until finally someone gets up and says "Hey wanna get married ?" That could be a long service. Angel

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