Arian Christianity
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01-07-2014, 09:36 AM
Arian Christianity
What was Arian Christianity?

I have been reading a history of Charlemagne. It is very interesting and written back in 1956 so it isn't "revisionist".

The odd thing about it is that it seems that the Franks who occupied parts of modern France and Germany were pagans but were converted by St. Boniface who chopped down an oak tree which was a phallic symbol of the god Thor...Tau.

One of the interesting points in the book is that the Franks converted to Roman Catholicism and became protectors of Rome at the request of Pope Stephen.

After that, they set about converting the Saxons who were Arian Christians. I understood Arian Christianity to be a religion in which there was only one god and this means that Jesus in that religion was not a god and not divine. This was also the religion of the Cathars. The book says that the Saxons saw Jesus as a tribal warrior king and that his "disciples" were called comitus. That is very strange indeed because the word is what gives us the English word "Count" and a Count is an Earl in England. Get it? Comitus, one who is "committed".

The book also suggests that the Franks originated in the Near East and that the Romans migrated to Italy in the first century AD and are actually Gauls themselves.
This comes from Tacitus, apparently. Interestingly, the people of Trier are supposedly from Assyria which was in the region of what is now Southern Turkey and Syria.
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